Sticker Shot

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61Parents now have a multitude of high tech gadgets at their disposal –from bottle warmers to iphone apps –to help with the heavy lifting of childrearing (how did our parents ever manage?), but sometimes the best ideas are decidedly low tech.

Take Tisha Linn’s ‘milestone stickers’. The concept is simple: Linn offers
an affordably priced collection of four-inch stickers (0-12 months, ages
1-12) that you place on your baby’s onesie or t-shirt indicating their age.
You then snap a photo to effortlessly document how quickly they grow.

Cheaper than individual t-shirts and less geeky than an annoying time/date stamp, the Picky Sticky stickers will allow you to stylishly record your pregnancy, your baby’s first year or your child’s journey to adolescence. No batteries required.

Picky Sticky Milestone Stickers, $13