Are Gourmet Marshmallows the New Cupcake?

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Warning: those with sugar issues may not want to be tipped off to this new local business since you may become addicted to a weekly delivery from Madyson’s Marshmallows

Cupcakes have held the throne for most desired sugarly delight for a while, but they may soon be upstaged by Madyson’s Marshmallows creatively scrumptious treats. One look at their marshmallows will have your mouth watering while at the same time trying to justify ordering a few batches. Well, Easter is coming up, then Mother’s day, then…

Perhaps the best reason to support this up and coming business is to cheer on a fellow mom, Breeze Wetzel, in her quest to make a worthy treat. After all, the whole business idea came from one innocent little question from Breeze’s four year old daughter, Madyson. She asked, “where marshmallows come from?” Luckily her mom was intrigued and took it upon herself to find out. Well, the rest is quickly becoming history. After a surprise call from People magazine and a spot in the mag, business has tripled. Now Breeze and the family are working toward expanding their operations.

So for those wondering how to get their paws on some gooey marshmallow treats, here’s the scoop. Check out their site and make your selection (they have beautiful pics with great descriptions, so this may be the hardest part). Be sure to submit your order by Friday for a Monday delivery. Then good luck trying to stop yourself from eating the whole box in one sitting.

Madyson’s Marshmallows

–Katie Ludin