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177Throwing a child’s birthday party can be as complicated as completing calculus proofs; sometimes it’s necessary to seek a little-or a lot-of help. Enter Peppers and Pollywogs, a just-launched service run by Lisa Kothari, who owned a children’s party planning business in Washington, D.C., and Shiv Chandrasekaran. Seattle-based Peppers and Pollywogs can plan and orchestrate your whole event for a reasonable fee. Alternatively, if your budget is teeny-weeny, you can visit P&P’s soon-to-expand site which will assist in connecting parents with reliable (and attention-grabbing) entertainers of all price ranges. Currently, on the Seattle section of the site, you’ll find princess parties, magicians, clowns and the K.I.D. & S Railroad, a trackless train that plays music and takes kids for mini rides. For no charge or registration, parents can contact the performers; phone numbers are provided. The site also shares free tips, resources, articles and themed plans for events (e.g. a World Cup kiddie party). Three cheers for face paint and sugar-burning soccer matches!

Peppers and Pollywogs