If your kids are ready to crank their musical experience up a notch, Seattle has some rockin’ music schools you’ll want to get in tune with. From electric guitar, keyboards and drums to saxophone, vocals and ukulele—there’s something for every budding rock star. Read on for your all-access pass to seven chart-topping music schools.

Meter Music School

The Bass(ics): What's that sound coming from a bungalow in Seattle’s Central District? It could be a saxophone, a ukulele, or even a banjo. Meter Music School teaches “almost any instrument,” says owner Brendan Bosworth. Fast becoming a hub of the local community, there's something for everyone at Meter. Classes begin with MiniMeter (ages 0-4), then private lessons (5 & up). Kids 7 & up have the opportunity to take group lessons too. And Meter has a fantastic assortment of summer camps so there's plenty of time for jamming with other kids---performances are held at the nearby Central Cinema. There are also FREE community "Easy Jam" classes (beginners welcome). Psst... Kids can share lessons if you have a friend or family member who would like to split tuition and join you.

The Beat: Cello, clarinet, double bass, drums, electric bass, flute, guitar, piano, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, ukulele, viola, violin, voice (and almost any other instrument) are offered.

Band Camp: Keyboard Camp is offered for kids ages 6-13 along with Drum Camp (ages 6-14), Vocal Camp (ages 6-13), and Ukulele & Guitar Camp (ages 5-14).

Meter Music School
2110 E. Union St.
Seattle, Wa 98122
Online: metermusicschool.com

photo: Meagan Desmond

Does your little rock star have a favorite music school? Tell us about it in the comments below.

— Helen Walker Green

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