The Return of Family Dinner: 5 Picks for Sunday Supper

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It’s Sunday. You’re wrapping up yet another perfect Seattle weekend and getting ready to tackle the week ahead. The last thing you want to do? Cook dinner. Or even worse, wash dishes. Enter the Sunday supper! What seems to be a lost art, right up there with handwritten thank you notes (no, a text doesn’t count!) and helping little old ladies across the street, having a big, often early, meal together as a family on Sundays used to be the status quo. We’re not sure where Sunday suppers disappeared to — rumor is that they’re still alive and well somewhere in the Mid-West — but we’re on the campaign trail to bring them back… but without all of the work! Indulge in one of these kid-welcoming Seattle restaurants that values the time that families have together on Sundays and who aim to feeding you a good meal before your busy week begins, to give you some uninterrupted time to actually talk to your kids and all while keeping your kitchen mess-free.

Family Dining

Any Given Sunday: Come as you are, no need to change out of your comfy Sunday attire, quick and easy places to grab Sunday supper with your family.

Ezell’s Famous Chicken
The Scoop on Supper: Sunday night? Fried chicken. It seems like the most logical option, doesn’t it? But, anyone who’s made fried chicken at home also knows how labor intensive — and messy — it is to make! Ezell’s Chicken, a Seattle superstar that even Oprah herself drools over, is a good choice for a casual Sunday supper with the kids. Order one of their fresh rolls with your chicken. And fries. And take some chicken to-go for quick lunches later in the week. You’ll regret it if you don’t!

Find them: 501 23rd Avenue, Seattle, Wa 98122, with additional locations in the areas surrounding Seattle.

Reservations: Not necessary… In fact, they might laugh if you call and ask!



Home-Style Comfort: The next best thing to having dinner at home, with meals that will make your taste-buds skip a beat, but with kid-pleasing environments and menus to avoid Sunday evening meltdowns.

Restaurant Bea
The Scoop on Supper: Tucked away in the cozy, family-friendly Madrona neighborhood, their comfort-food meets seasonal ingredients is always changing, meaning you can easily go to Sunday supper at Bea every single week and never get tired of their menu! With culinary options for kids that are a step above most kiddie menus, you’ll feel good filling their little bellies with some healthy, hearty food to start out the week on the best foot possible… and to make up for all of the donuts you gave them for breakfast on Saturday! Don’t miss the Shirley Temples at Restaurant Bea — we hear that they’ll even make you a special adult-version, if you say “pretty please.”

Find them: 1423 34th Avenue, Seattle, Wa 98122

Reservations: Not necessary, but welcome. Please call 206-812-2901 or go online to make a reservation.


Restaurant Bea Seattle

Serendipity Cafe
The Scoop on Supper: You don’t have to live in the Magnolia neighborhood to pop into Serendipity for a  Sunday supper… although the regulars may glance at you sideways for filling up their favorite kid-friendly spot! With a menu that features specials that are perfect for Sundays (be sure to ask if they have a soup special!), a large play area for the little ones in the back and board games for older kids to enjoy and a waitstaff that brings you extra napkins without you having to ask and doesn’t even bat an eye at a spilled glass of milk (or wine, for that matter!), you’re going to feel right at home at Serendipity.

Find them: 3222 West McGraw Street, Seattle, Wa 98199

Reservations: Not necessary — stop on by anytime and grab a seat near the back of the restaurant, next to the play area.

Serendipity Magnolia FB Page

Fancy Pants: These restaurants are the cream of the milkshake when it comes to Sunday Supper. A delicious way to start your week, without a doubt.

The Scoop on Supper: Italian food served up Tom Douglas-style, each Sunday of the month, Cuoco features Sunday Supper featuring their to-die-for lasagna, a mixed salad, garlic bread, and your choice of gelato — what more do you need, really? Served family-style, you can give your little one a small helping and then take a larger portion for yourself (we won’t tell) or ask the kind Cuoco staff to whip them up a little order of butter noodles. Sunday Supper is $25 a person and the full dinner menu is also always available for those who can’t stray from their favorite Cuoco dish!

Find them: 310 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, Wa 98109 (in the South Lake Union area)

Reservations: Recommended. Please call 206-971-0710.



Volunteer Park Cafe
The Scoop on Supper: Set the tone for the week ahead and make Sunday a culinary experience for you and your kids! Each month, Volunteer Park Cafe hosts a Sunday Supper, where their beloved Chef whips up whatever she’s feeling. At $40 a person, this likely isn’t going to become your Sunday Supper routine, but put it on your to-do list for a Sunday splurge, especially if you have older kids who are up for tasting new foods without turning up their cute little noses. Still have little ones at home? Nothing is better than a Sunday evening date night — book a sitter or beg Grandma to babysit (you’ll bring her leftovers or a treat from the Volunteer Park Cafe bakery case!).

Find them: 1501 17th Avenue East, Seattle, Wa 98112

Reservations: Please visit the Volunteer Park Cafe website to book your spot at Sunday Supper.



Does your family have a Sunday supper routine or a fave place you like to go before the week begins? Let us know in the comments section below. 

— Katie Kavulla

Photos via e_chyla on Flickr, Cuoco Facebook page, Restaurant  Bea, Volunteer Park Cafe Facebook page, Ezell’s Famous Chicken Facebook page, Serendipity Facebook page, Erin Cranston