The Sweetest Thing

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Editor’s update: Coco la ti da is now closed….

160Ain’t love the sweetest thing? Of course it is, but let’s not forget about dessert. A special treat for this Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Sue McCown, the Seattle chef famous for her whimsical cakes and tarts, left her position as Executive Pastry Chef at the W Hotel to open Coco la ti da in November. The lounge is a comfortable Capitol Hill gathering place, where you can sit down for full service in the restaurant (there are expertly-crafted savories available if you feel the need to feed your non-sweet tooth), cozy up in the lounge, or get your goodies to go. Whatever you crave, you will find it at Coco. Might we suggest the Love Connection: white, milk, and dark chocolate in ramekins with fruit, nuts, marshmallows, cookies, white velvet cake, and chocolate buttermilk cake for dipping. Another excellent choice for chocolate lovers is the spot’s namesake, the Coco la ti da. It’s a cake made of triple chocolate shortbread, devil’s food cake, creamy coconut, and coconut-chocolate ganache covered with a chocolate crackling gaze. McGown’s cakes and tarts are all worthy of table space at your next dinner party, but her customized marzipan creations will take your baby shower to a whole new level. All of the offerings at Coco are sure to create that amorous mood, and perhaps you’ll even bring home a cupcake for your Littlest Valentine. Heaven on a plate!

Coco la ti da (Business Closed)
806 East Roy Street

P.S. For surefire Valentine’s Day fun with Little One, go see songstress Nancy Stewart perform “Songs We Love” at 10:30 am at the Burien Library. Kids two and up are welcome; free admission. 206.243.3490 for more information.