Tiny Toques

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194Nourish the Julia Child within your child — and his or her friends– with Edible Adventures, the equivalent to training wheels for wee, wanna-be chefs. Created last year by two foodies, Sarah Rockne and Eva Dankanics (Rockne went to culinary school; Dankanics is studying pediatric nutrition and public health), Edible Adventures is a mobile cooking school for kids that operates in clients’ homes.

Gather six to eight youngsters (ages five and older) for a class or birthday rendezvous Chez Vous and soon you’ll be serving as sous chef while your child mixes up homemade super-cheesy mac ‘n’ cheese, pizza or Mexican food for dinner. The instructors supply all the food, recipes, equipment and (phew) clean-up. BAM!

Edible Adventures
(Business Closed)

Classes run $25 per child (plus the cost of food)
Birthday parties run $200-$400