Here’s Why You Can’t Stop Smelling Your Baby’s Head

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Confession: we all inhale the scent of our baby’s hair. Turns out, it’s not just being obsessive parents—inhaling scents like that triggers memories and banks future memories, too. Since March 21 is National Fragrance Day, we’ve rounded up some fascinating facts and sensory play ideas to help you celebrate, one whiff at a time. Read on for the smelliest ideas yet. 

photo: grisguerra via flickr 

1. Play a sensory smell game with the kids. Have them close their eyes while you pass a scent under their nose, then ask them to guess what it is. Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

2. Trick out your house like real-estate agents do with three ways to make your home smell amazing.

3. You’ve heard of fingerprints, but did you know that every person has a unique “smellprint” of their own? Learn nine more fascinating smell facts by reading this story.

4. Entice the family’s noses by cooking something savory like slow-cooker rosemary chicken.

5. Let your toddler play with her food by trying yogurt-spice sensory painting.

5. Stage a scented play tea party.

What’s your favorite smell? Tell us in the comments below.