So, Your Kid Needs Glasses—Now What? 5 Things Every Parent Should Know

So, you just found out your child needs glasses. Whether you noticed signs early on with your child having trouble reading their homework or with vision problems playing their favorite sport, finally hearing the words from your child’s physician could be overwhelming. Where do you go first? What is the next step?

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While this new journey may feel nerve-wracking and the to-dos feel countless, this next phase of life can also be exciting and a chance to show your kiddo that they’re about to view the world in a new and improved way with the help of their glasses. To help calm a few of your nerves, I want to share a few tips to help you navigate the new world of glasses as a parent who has experienced this first-hand and share the steps that helped me.

1. Visit your child’s optometrist to get their prescription—but don’t feel pressured to buy their glasses on the spot.

When you first find out that your child needs some specs, it’s normal to want to buy the first pair you see. While the doctor has a variety of options, don’t forget that there are also convenient ways for them to try on a few frames at home, making the process more comfortable and natural—and taking some of the pressure off of you!

We offer home try-on kits through Jonas Paul Eyewear because as parents with a child who wears glasses, we know trying glasses on in a strange place can be stressful for your child and for you. Give yourself and your child permission to take time with this decision and select the frames that will be best for them.

2. Approach this as a new adventure for your child and let them know this is what makes them special—not different.

Getting used to wearing glasses can be a bit tricky for a child, as they may seem unsure or skeptical of this new life change. Always remember that as a parent, you have the influence to make your child feel cool with their new accessory by complimenting them, while reminding them how it makes their vision better too!

3. Show them examples of some of their heroes, favorite characters or family members they look up to rocking the glasses look.

While many children may be questioning what glasses mean for them, you can remind your kiddo of all their heroes who wear them too! Maybe they want to be just like their favorite aunt or Harry Potter. Reminding them of this can boost their self-esteem and make them more excited to rock their new look!

4. Encourage your little ones to express their individuality with the frames and st‌yle they choose.

We know that giving your kids the autonomy to decide how they’d like to dress is such an empowering tool.  Just like we, as adults, have our own st‌yle, our kids do too! Motivating your little one to choose the st‌yle or color of glasses that makes them feel more comfortable or fashionable will not only boost their confidence but will also give them a chance to express their individuality.

5. Work with your child to create a new routine with their new glasses.

This new pair of glasses will need to be incorporated into your child’s morning and bedtime routine—and even more activities if they play a sport. If you’re having troubles with your kiddo remembering or wanting to put on their new glasses, find fun ways to integrate it into their routines.

Maybe you can sing a fun song together every morning about brushing your teeth, combing your hair and putting on your glasses—or maybe it’s just about finding or DIYing a special case just for their awesome new glasses. This will not only encourage and your remind your kids to wear their glasses, but will help associate a fun routine to putting them on every day.

Finally, always remember to encourage yourself too! While this is a big change in your child’s life, they couldn’t do it without you, your encouragement and your guidance. Once they get used to wearing glasses, you will be able to look back at what a formative time this was for them with you right by their side.

Laura, co-founder and COO of Jonas Paul Eyewear, started the brand with her husband shortly after their first child, Jonas, was born with a rare-eye condition. From there, Jonas Paul Eyewear was created with the mission of creating stylish eyewear and providing sight to children in need with every purchase.


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