Your Guide to Family Fitness Adventures in Sunny San Diego

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Who needs a gym membership when there are so many fun outdoor fitness opportunities in San Diego? Book a family play date and get ready for sunny, sporty adventures including kayaking, pedal boating, surrey riding and aqua cycling! Read on if you’re ready to flex those muscles.

Surf’s Up

Fess up. Are you a local who has never surfed or who needs some serious brushing up on your skills? Get ready to hang ten with your little grommets at San Diego Surf School. Their highly trained instructors take pride in providing a patient, safe, fun experience for beginners to advanced surfers looking to improve performance. To ease families and kids into the water they provide an engaging, interactive learning experience that meets each surfer's individual needs and goals. You're sure to have a 'swell' time on the waves. 4850 Cass St. San Diego, Ca 92109 Phone: 858-205-7683 Online: <a target="_blank" href=""></a&gt; <em>Photo: San Diego Surf School</em>fuck

Where does your family play in nature? Tell us in the comments.

–– Cherie Gough