10 Super Comic Creation Apps for Kids

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From Wonder Woman to Spider-Man, comic books are having a serious moment. If you’ve got a budding comic lover in your family, now they can make comics of their own with these awesome comic creation apps. These apps are easy to use, interactive and perfect for personalizing your family photos or giving school projects a fun twist. Keep reading to get the scoop on the best comic creation apps for kids.

Comic Strip

Turn your family photos into a fun comic strip with this easy-to-use app. There are filters to give your photos that classic comic book look, and you can add text bubbles and stickers to your creation. With a 4.5 rating on the App Store and over 1,500 reviews, this app is a winner.

Available for iPhone and iPad via App Store, free

Comic Life 3

Comic Life 3 allows you to create a full comic using their full-page templates and panel layouts. This powerful app works especially well on an iPad with a large screen; it allows you to edit all sorts of small details and add special effects. You can use photos from your own library or access web photos via their Flickr integration.

Available for iPhone and iPad via App Store, $4.99

Comic Caption Meme Maker Lite

This app is a little more simple, but still just as fun (and easy!) to use. The user interface takes you through each step to make professional-style comics in minutes. The fonts and word balloons were carefully chosen to look like real comic books, and there are over 1,000 decorative stickers to choose from.

Available for iPhone and iPad via App Store, free (regular version available for $3.99)


This app has all the bells and whistles when it comes to creating your own personalized comic. Choose your panel layout, use your own photos, and add as many captions and dialogue stickers as your story needs. When you're through, there's an option to share via social media too.

Available for iPhone and iPad via iTunes, $2.99

Strip Designer

Both kids and adults will get a kick out of this comic app. It's simple enough that you'll get the gist in minutes and in addition to using photos, the kids can use their own drawings, too.

Available for iPhone and iPad via iTunes, $2.99.

Superhero Comic Book Maker

We love the special interactive perks of this app from Duck Duck Moose. Once kids choose the scenes and characters they want, they can record their story, moving the characters as they talk. The app records the movement and kid voiceover so you not only get a personalized comic book—it's read by the author, too!

Available for iPhone via iTunes, free.

Comic Strip Pro

For the kid who just can't get enough of telling stories, this app has extra customizable speech balloons--and for the parent who's got Android devices, it's just right for your gear. There are all kinds of special effects, filters and panel choices too. (Bonus: There's also a free version of this app called Comic Strip!)

Available for Android via Google Play, $2.99.

Make Beliefs Comix

Formerly available as a separate app, now you can access this comic creation program right from your web browser on your phone, tablet or computer. For all those multilingual kiddos out there, we like that this website supports the creation of comics in 13 different languages. It's also free, and simple enough for even younger users. Just pick the number of frames you want to use, choose characters and add text into speech bubbles.

Available at makebeliefscomix.com, free.

Halftone 2

This app is particularly great if your family pet is just begging to be put in a comic. In a nutshell, it lets you upload photos or drawings and then add captions, sound effects, speech bubbles and other artistic effects. It's an easy way to give your family photos a digital storytelling twist.

Available for iPhone and iPad via iTunes, $2.99.

—Abigail Matsumoto & Susie Foresman

Featured image: Annie Spratt via Unsplash 


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