The Scoop on Target’s New Household Essentials Brand

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Earth Day may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to go green. Target recently introduced its new household essentials brand Everspring—and it’s filled with biobased, recycled and natural fiber-made products.

Keeping your kiddos safe is priority number one for you. That’s why you look for cleaning and household products that don’t come with a lengthy list of chemical ingredients. Now you have even more options! These products, which are “Target Clean” compliant, are made without phthalates or propyl-parabens.

Everspring features more than 70 cleaning and household use items. And bonus: you won’t need to dig deep into your child’s college fund just to keep your home clean and green. The products in big red bullseye retailer’s new brand sell for $2.79 to $11.99.

Senior vice president and general merchandise manager for Target, Christina Hennington said, in a press release, “Everspring is a great example of how we’re listening—and responding—to the evolving needs of our guests in a way that’s uniquely Target.” Hennington went on to add, “Guests can feel confident they’re purchasing essentials for their home that include ingredients and components they want and have the efficacy they need to get daily routines done. And, at prices nearly 20 percent less than comparable brands and a focus on fresh design, Everspring offers guests another compelling reason to stock up at Target.”

So what can you expect from Target’s new brand? The line includes dish soap, hand soap, paper towels, laundry detergent, household cleaners, candles and so much more. While keeping your family safe from the hidden toxins is a major plus, the “green” doesn’t end with what’s inside the bottle. Everspring’s product packaging is made from up to 50 percent or more recycled content.

Everspring is available now in stores and at

—Erica Loop

Photos: Courtesy of Target



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