This Teen’s Act to Help a Fellow Passenger Restores Our Faith in Humanity

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If the picture you have of a teenager is one that includes a kind of bratty kid who slams doors, rolls their eyes and always ALWAYS on their phone, think again. This teen’s act of kindness to help a fellow passenger on an Alaska Airline flight goes well above and beyond what most of us would do.

When Jane Daly and her daughter Clara’s flight from Boston was canceled, the duo had to rush to make a different flight home. Little did they know that the abrupt change of plans would actually end up being a blessing—for both Clara and another passenger on the plane.

As it turns out there was a deaf passenger on the plane who no way to communicate with the flight crew (none of the flight crew members knew how to sign). Trying to help the man in any way they could, a flight attendant asked if anyone on the plane new sign language.

Luckily, Clara had been studying American Sign Language. The teen rang her flight attendant button and volunteered to help.

That’s when Clara discovered that the man wasn’t just deaf, he was also blind. This meant she couldn’t sign in the way that she was used to. Instead, she could only communicate with him by signing into his hand. And that’s exactly what the teen did!

As if helping someone who can’t see or hear doesn’t come with its obvious challenges, Clara had one more obstacle to overcome. The teen is dyslexic (which played a large role in her decision to learn ASL) and had concerns that she’d spell the words she was signing incorrectly.

Even though it wasn’t easy, the teen was able to help the man throughout the entire flight. So no, this high schooler is definitely not your typical text all day only think about herself teen.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: StockSnap via Pixabay


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