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Photo: Bojana Korach Photography

I don’t know about you, but I consider myself super lucky to live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Great people, great food, but most importantly, the Bay Area has some of the most beautiful, natural and urban landscapes in the world.  Another factor which makes this area great is our great weather. It’s unbeatable. We can photograph outdoors all year long.  For a point of comparison, I lived in Chicago for a brief period and quickly realized that outside sessions in that unforgiving climate were feasible only six to eight months of the year.  I am a natural light photographer and I often work in public locations, so Chicago’s weather was a major hurdle for my business.  But not here in the Bay Area! We can spend time outside virtually any day of the year and have a great time creating beautiful memories. 

Picking a location for your next photo session does not need to be a daunting task.  There are many wonderful sites to choose from. The challenge, however, is narrowing down and choosing a location that best suits your family.  

To make your decision a little easier, I made a list of my top 10 favorite family photoshoot locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The list contains some of the most popular areas and also less known hidden gems around the Bay.  

1.  Lands End, San Francisco

This is probably a favorite amongst many photographers and for a good reason.  Lands Endis located on the north-western corner of San Francisco.  It’s set amongst gorgeous eucalyptus and cypress trees on the edge of the coastline with spectacular ocean views.  My absolute favorite aspect of this landscape are trees that curved over time due to the force of wind, which creates an unusual and quite stunning backdrop.  One thing to be aware of is that the weather at the Lands End can be very unpredictable and those same winds which bend the trees beautifully can make your hair fly in every direction.  This is a perfect location for a family that is ready for an adventure. 

2. Crissy Field, San Francisco

Another favorite amongst local Bay Area photographers is Crissy Field.  It’s proximity and views of the Golden Gate Bridge are simply unbeatable. Crissy Field is easy to get to for families of every size.  What makes it special to me is that it offers a variety of scenery. There is a large open green field and easy access to the beach.  However, a major drawback to this location is that it’s super popular, not only with photographers but also with every tourist who visits San Francisco.  To fully enjoy it and get stunning shots, I would strongly suggest going either early in the morning or late afternoon on a weekday.  

3.  Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland

Joaquin Miller Parkis located in the Oakland Hills just off the state highway 13.  It’s a 500 acre park with rustic woodland trails that wind through redwood groves.  It is a perfect spot for a family who is looking for a lush green backdrop. The sunlight which filters through redwood trees creates an “Alice in Wonderland” type of scene.  

4. Jewel Lake at Tilden Park, East Bay

This is a perfect location for family photos for many reasons. Jewel Lake is located just a short walk away from the Little Farm, about a quarter mile down a fire road. There’s plenty of parking, it is flat and easy to get to.  My favorite part is the zig-zag wooden pathway that leads to the lake.  It is very green and lush.  A one-mile trail loops all the way around the lake which makes for a perfect photo family adventure.  Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in this area. 

5. Hap Magee Ranch Park, Danville

If you are looking for a manicured location that is very easy for everyone in your family to access, I would suggest Hap Magee Ranch Parkin Danville.  It’s a beautiful park located in the foothills of Danville and Alamo.  This park is very close to highway 680 but it feels very natural and secluded.  In the autumn you can actually find foliage there.  It’s not a lot, but for California it can be surprisingly colorful.  

  6.  Old Borges Ranch, Walnut Creek

If you asked me my most frequented photoshoot location, regardless of the season, I would not even hesitate to respond.  My response is automatic, it’s Old Borges Ranch! This location is perfect for all kinds of photo sessions but it is absolutely the best for families.  Old Borges Ranch is a historic ranch located in the foothills of Mount Diablo.  It has barn structures, antique farm equipment, old tractor machinery scattered around, a manual water pump and a number of farm animals.  Kids can pretty much climb on everything, explore and pet animals and best of all, it’s free.  Another aspect which I love about Borges Ranch is that it is attached to Shell Ridge Open Space so we can hit the trail and walk under beautiful oak trees.  

7.  Alviso Adobe Community Park, Pleasanton

If you are living in the Pleasanton/Dublin area, Alviso Adobe Community Parkis a perfect location for your family’s next photo session.  This is a community park, which was built around an adobe st‌yle historic house. A beautiful bridge with a white fence is near the entrance and it’s my favorite for a classic family portrait. 

8.  Wente Vineyards, Livermore

If your vision for your next family photo session includes a beautiful winery setting, look no further then the beautiful Wente Vineyards. It is closer than driving to Napa and it’s just as stunning.  Wente vineyards is a popular wedding location so it’s good to check ahead about photographing there. 

9.  Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden, Palo Alto

One of the most tranquil locations that I photograph is the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden. It is located in a quiet neighborhood of Palo Alto.  It consists of a historic home, carriage house and wide array of beautifully manicured plant landscapes. It is quite small but it offers lots of variety. It’s an oasis that is worth exploring.  

  10. Berkeley Rose Garden, Berkeley

I was considering omitting this “hidden gem” from my list because it is my most recent discovery and I love photographing there.  I will not say much more about it.  I am keeping it hush hush (at least till this post goes live). 

Hello! My name is Bojana. I am a lifest‌yle photographer located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in newborn, maternity, child and family photography. Over the past 10 years, I have been graciously invited by my clients to document life's most special moments and I could not be more grateful.

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