These Clothes Are Designed to Stretch With Growth Spurts

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photo: Petit Pli via Instagram

Baby clothes are just the cutest, aren’t they? Too bad they only last long enough for a few wearings before the baby in question sprouts to the next size.

Or maybe not. At least, not with this new clothing line, which is designed to grow with your little bean so that a single, adorable outfit can last from four months to 36 months. No more giving away brand new clothes!

“Petit Pli creates the most advanced technical children’s clothing in the world,” says the clothing line’s website. “Children grow 7 sizes in their first 2 years on Earth and this equates to a lot of wasted clothing.”

Royal College of Art graduate Ryan Mario Yasin designed the expandable clothing line, which is currently in the funding stage, to grow at the same rate as the babies that wear it. The secret is the pleated design that allows the material to start up cinched and gradually unfold as those little chubby babies become long, lean toddlers.

According to an article in Mental Floss magazine, Yasin was inspired to make the line after ordering clothes for his baby nephew and discovering that the tiny tot had outgrown them before he even had the chance to take off the tags.

To come up with a design that would grow with the baby, Yasin, who has a background in aeronautical engineering, found a space-age material similar to the collapsible structures made for the outsides of satellites, the article said.

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