These Parents Got Tattoos Designed by Their Kids & We Loved Every Second

photo: WatchCut Facebook page

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From birthdates to baby pictures, parents have found different ways to create meaningful tattoos to celebrate their kids. Parenthood is forever, so it’s not hard to understand why you might choose such a permanent way to display your love. However, the parents in the WatchCut video below took things one step further, by letting their kids decide exactly what shape that permanent ink would take.

From first-timers to tattoo veterans, these brave parents allowed their kids to design a tattoo for them. An amazing gesture of love —and blind trust, especially since the kids are still a little young to understand the meaning of permanence. There’s nothing quite like the nervous laughter one mom gives when she says, “I just want something that comes from the heart,” and her son’s immediate response is, “A hot dog.”

That same mom looks like she’s having second thoughts when she sees the completed design, but in the end (thanks to one incredibly talented tattoo artist) they all turn out pretty amazing. Nothing beats the pride all the kids have over their designs displayed on their parents. “You’re looking at the creation I made on my mom,” one girl declares, grinning.

Would you let your kids design a tattoo for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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