Between online retailers, giant bookstores and local shops, finding children’s books is a pretty turnkey task. Finding children’s books about Purim, Passover and Yom Kippur… not so much. PJ Library is a global program that sends Jewish children’s books to families with kids from birth through age 12. Sounds great, right? Even better: The books and other resources from PJ Library are provided completely free of charge, thanks to the support of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and thousand of generous supporters. Keep reading to learn more about how PJ Library can help you engage your children in Jewish values, customs and traditions. 

Children can be signed up for PJ Library as soon as they’re born, all the way through age 12! All you need is the child’s name, a mailing address and a parent’s email address. Sign a child up here.

PJ Library, for Kids up To Age 9

You can sign your kids up for PJ Library anytime from when they're born up to age nine. Each month, enrolled families receive a free, age-appropriate storybook with suggested activities and conversation starters. The books cover a range of values—like cooperation, honoring elders, and perseverance—and include topics like biographies, food and Israel. Along with providing books, PJ Library's website has additional content including a storytelling podcast, holiday playlists, book animations and read-alouds! To start receiving books, you just need to submit a child’s name, their mailing address and a parent’s email here.

PJ Our Way, for Kids Ages 9 To 12

For older kids, PJ Library has a special program called PJ Our Way, where each month tweens get to choose a middle-grade book or graphic novel that has Jewish themes and characters or books about real-life heroes like Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Your tween reader can also sign on to PJ Our Way's child-safe website to write reviews, take polls and earn badges! Sign up for PJ Our Way here.


Preparing for Passover

Along with sending books, PJ Library has online resources for Jewish families to learn more about traditions and holidays. With Passover starting March 27, PJ Library has videos, activities and more resources for a family-friendly seder. Plus, you can get a free interactive PDF of the PJ Library Family Haggadah (also available in Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French) here!

PJ Library delivers more than 680,000 books worldwide each month, reaching families in 30 countries and sharing books in seven languages! Learn more about PJ Library here.

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