Fine-tuned and ready for your favorite moments

It’s safe to say we’re more than just a little excited. We’ve updated the Android Tinybeans app you’ve come to rely on with new features and must-see enhancements to better serve you and your family. Stronger connections—we’ve got those. More joy—coming right up. This is Tinybeans, better than ever.

Enhancements to Make Your Tinybeans Android Experience Even Better

Parents know busy. The pace of family life never really slows down, which means you don’t have time to wait around. We’ve improved loading times, so you can share and scroll—without delay.

And because no one appreciates clean quite as much as parents of little ones, we’ve gone ahead and cleaned up our milestones and measurements functionality. Even easier to use and no guesswork involved.

New Tinybeans Android Features You Don’t Want to Miss

Remember how we said your time is precious? We mean it. That’s why we’ve added a batch upload feature so you can add a group of memories all at once. Those vacation pictures and holiday memories? Go ahead and share them all in one go.



Want to do the same with those adorable videos you captured, too? No problem. Now Android users can add photos and videos in one upload. That gives you a few extra minutes to play around with our new editing tool to make sure everyone looks their best!

As a Free Member…

You and your followers will now be introduced to messages from some of our most loved brands. If you decide you want an even more private experience without ads (or upload limits!), explore what Tinybeans+ has to offer.

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As always, we appreciate your ongoing support and loyalty as Tinybeans families. We’ve made it through the growing pains and are looking forward to a future filled with cherished moments. Download the new and improved Tinybeans app for Android and start experiencing an even better way to share your most-loved memories with your most-loved people.

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