This Toddler REALLY Wants Alexa to Play “Baby Shark” & We Can’t Stop Laughing

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You might want to jump into a pool with Jaws every time you hear it, but for whatever reason, kids LOVE the “Baby Shark” song. When one two-year-old tried to get her family’s Amazon Echo to play the song…um, magic kind of happened instead.

Wisconsin mom Cryssa Turner recently posted a completely cute clip of her kiddo on Facebook. The toddler, like many of our littles, already knows that saying “Alexa…” can get those Amazon devices to do almost anything—that is, except play the crazy-popular “Baby Shark” song.

The two-year-old repeatedly asked, “Alexa, play “Baby Shark.” But sadly, the device didn’t understand her. Finally the Echo answered, agreeing to play a song by the band Say Anything. Of course, that didn’t exactly thrill the little girl. It’s a pretty far cry from the “Baby Shark” song she was hoping to hear.

Here’s where mom comes in. Helping out her toddler daughter, Turner asks Alexa to play “Baby Shark.” Alexa finally obligesm much to the two-year-old’s delight. After a beyond-gleeful scream, the tot starts bouncing up and down, dancing delightfully to “Baby Shark.”

And yes, the internet also finds this Alexa exchange entirely awesome, too. With more than 13 million views since the mom first posted her video to Facebook, it’s clear that this tot’s Echo issues are absolutely adorable.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Pinkfong via YouTube



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