7 Incredible Treehouses You’ll Want in Your Backyard

What’s better than playing in a treehouse all afternoon on a perfect summer day? Playing in one that you built, of course!  From a simple tree structure to next-level standouts, these seven awesome designs will inspire your own epic treehouse-building plans. Scroll down to see them all.

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Basic Treehouse

Jamie Renner via Hands on As We Grow

Sometimes all you need is a few slabs of wood and a tree to nail them too. Jaime of Hands on As We Grow shares the easiest way to get your kids up into the air. She also notes that this design isn't for the safety conscientious, and to adapt or built rails as you see fit. 

DIY Dreamin'

Jaime Stiles

Treehouse designers and builders David and Jeanie Stiles are the pros of DIY building. With 21 books on woodworking projects, including several books dedicated specifically to treehouses anyone can build, the couple inspires families everywhere to get creative with the wood, hammer and nails. Ready to create your own backyard memories? The newest edition of David and Jeanie’s popular How to Build Treehouses, Forts and Huts comes out in August.

Garden Getaway

Bunny Guinness

Award-winning landscape and garden designer Bunny Guinness definitely knows how to create a magical outdoor space. Full of flowers and gorgeous greenery, her swoon-worthy garden tree house is one place we’d love to hang out for an afternoon.

Cool and Colorful

Barbara Butler

Bright and whimsical, Barbara Butler’s custom-designed and pre-designed tree houses are works of art. The houses are made from all natural redwood and perfect for imaginative little adventurers.  The fun Los Gatos Treehouse has a great twisty slide, a knotted climbing rope and a deck to enjoy the views.

Marvel at a Masterpiece

James Curvan

Epic doesn’t begin to describe this jaw-droppingly amazing 100 square foot tree house located in Dallas. Architect James Curvan built and designed the house for family friends Jeri and Steve Wakefield to enjoy with their grandchildren. With a sky bridge, two sleeping lofts, a zip line, slide, rope ladder, climbing wall and cozy indoor spaces for play and relaxation, this might be the definition of a kid’s dream house.

The Perfect Playhouse

Charmed Playhouses

Add a little enchantment to the backyard with an unbelievable custom-designed play space from Charmed Playhouses. Kids will flip for the Simply Charmed Treehouse, which comes with a loft, window, slide, swing, cedar floor, pre-shingled roof panels and a shed kit. For even more fun, the house can be customized with additional windows, swings, a climbing wall and more.

Fun for Everyone

ibeme78 via Instructables

This gorgeous treehouse is known as “The Horseshoe Hangout, ” and is perfect for sleepovers, adventurous play or just lounging and gazing at horses in the nearby pasture. There’s plenty of sweet added features, like a sleeping loft with ladder, monkey bars, a loft net and a basket and pulley system for hoisting treasures. Built by a Dad for his family to enjoy, the treehouse has a step-by-step how-to on Instructables, so you can try your hand at your own.

— Anna Doogan



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