These Valentine’s Day gifts for him are unique and just straight-up cool

The man in your life isn’t always the easiest to buy for. It can be a real undertaking trying to find Valentine’s Day gifts for him, and there are only so many bourbon glasses and whisky stones he could want. We’ll admit that our most-searched-for gift guides are often the ones surrounding what to get our favorite guys. Of course, that also means that we’re pretty dang good at finding the best gifts after doing so much research, ourselves.

Not all men are cut from the same cloth. But we don’t have to tell you that. All that means is that there are no options for one-size-fits-all Valentine’s Day gifts for him. These are the best roundup of gifts for any super-loved guy: Foodies, style-smarties, retro-lovers. It’s all right here. And, as always, don’t totally stress out about what to give your most-loved guys. Take the pressure off of yourself and just have fun!

Pac-Man Ghost Sours Candy Tin

two pacman ghose tins of candy
Perpetual Kid

80's kids will fall hard for these Pac-Man candy tins! Choose between red (cherry flavor) or blue (raspberry flavor).

Pac-Man Ghost Sours Candy Tin ($3.99)—Buy Here!

Palm Bandana Throw Blanket


Y2K meets boho with this cool throw blanket/tapestry/picnic blanket. Made from a 95% blend of spun cotton and recycled cotton, too.

Palm Bandana Throw Blanket ($200.00)—Buy Here!

Professionally Recorded Original Song from Songfinch

a framed posted with a song title, image, and QR code

Songfinch is a guaranteed win in the Valentine's Day Gifts for Him category and it's perfect for the man who has everything. It's a platform backed by Doja Cat & The Weeknd where you can commission original love songs about you & yours created by independent, incredibly talented musicians (think Grammy credits and recent American Idol & The Voice stars). We're talking one-of-a-kind, radio-quality songs based on your stories, memories, and ideas.

You can even add custom prints, video slideshows, and more keepsakes based on your song. This isn't just a gift; it's an experience. You can thank us later.

Professionally-Recorded Original Song from Songfinch ($199.00)—Buy Here!

The Anti-Matter Sunglasses

man wearing green sunglasses and a close up of sunglasses
Crap Eyewear

If he's still wearing the same drugstore sunglasses he picked up 12 years ago, it's time to help him upgrade his eyewear game. These sunnies are are a modern, chunky frame that works really well for people who prefer a medium-wide fit. The lenses are crystal-clear with 100% UVA/UVB protection and are prescription-ready, too. They're available in 3 colors, including this Crystal Sage hue.

(Don't let the brand name fool you, either. We're obsessed with Los Angeles-based Crap Eyewear's commitment to sustainability, on-trend frames, and luxe materials without the hefty markup! Psst: they're also gender-neutral, so you might want to grab a pair for yourself, too.)

The Anti-Matter Sunglasses ($99.00)—Buy Here!

The Holy Trinity Virgin Mary Bundle

box of bloody mary mix, hot sauce, and olives

Virgin Mary, Longbottom's non-alcoholic Bloody Mary mix made from fresh-pressed tomatoes, their not-too-spicy but incredibly versatile Ragin' Mary Hot Sauce, and the mouthwatering FreeStyle Lemon Garlic Olives from Greece (that we just tend to eat alone but no one told us we couldn't). And of course, you can add vodka if you'd like to stick with the classic.

The Holy Trinity Virgin Mary Bundle ($35.00)—Buy Here!

AG1 by Athletic Greens

bottle of AG1 supplements, canister, packets, scoop, and bottle
Athletic Greens

If you're tired of watching him sort his vitamins, or you would really like it if he'd do something better for himself everyday, AG1 is a total winner. The pineapple-vanilla flavored supplement and watch as he starts talking about how his gut health has improved, his focus and energy is better, he's less stressed, and he's not getting sick as frequently. AG1 isn't just for him, either, so you can definitely share.

AG1 by Athletic Greens ($79.00+)—Buy Here!

CLUE Vintage Bookshelf Edition


This classic game is having a throwback moment with the CLUE Vintage Bookshelf Edition that looks just as good stored on a shelf or bookcase as it does set up and ready to play on the coffee table.

'CLUE' Vintage Bookshelf Edition ($37.10)—Buy Here!

Cheese Tower for Two

Murray's Cheese

They had us at 'cheese', but there's more. Three delicious cheeses designed to complement each other and ready for centerpiece status are excellent with cheese, baguettes, and great conversation.

Cheese Tower for Two ($77.00)—Buy Here!

'The Little Red Book of Football Wisdom'

cover of The Little Red Book of Football Wisdom
Pottery Barn Teen

He'll love this collection of witty and hilariously irreverent quotes about America’s most popular sport. Players, coaches, celebrities, and literary giants weigh in on the best—and worst—football teams, athletes, games, fans, and more. And really, even if you don't love football, this is still a seriously cool book.

'The Little Red Book of Football Wisdom' ($99.00)—Buy Here!

No. 2598 The Ranch Candle

grey jar candle on a dark wood table

Oh, we know it's nothing new to give a candle for Valentine's Day, but you've never given him this candle. Warm. Inviting. And a little spicy. Think rich pipe tobacco, aged leather, sandalwood...bold enough for his office and soft enough for the family room. And the concrete vibe of the jar is so, so cool.

No. 2598 The Ranch Candle ($78.00)—Buy Here!

Rubirosa Pasta Sampler

popcorn tin with dry pasta exploding out of it

He has no idea that he needs a popcorn tin filled with 3 lbs of different-shaped pasta from Rubirosa. But he absolutely does.

Rubirosa Pasta Sampler ($48.99)—Buy Here!

LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant

lego super mario piranha plant and box
LEGO on Amazon

It's the awesome details that make this LEGO build so amazing. It's also easy to pose, so display it in any way you want.

LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant ($59.99)—Buy Here!

Hot Sauce Flavor Pack

Hot N Saucy

We can pretty much guarantee he's never tried any of these three Hot N Saucy sauces before. Beet N Fresno, Garlic N Pepperoncini, and Sweet Potato N Habanero are a blast to give and eat.

Hot N Saucy Flavor Pack ($30.00)—Buy Here!

Nixie Tube Clock with Wi-Fi Sync

ClocTeck on Amazon

This is such a cool clock (we don't say that often). No assembly required and wifi-synched so all the hard stuff is done. Choose from 24-hour or 12-hour displays.

Nixie Tube Clock with Wi-Fi Sync ($67.99)—Buy Here!

Melin Trenches Icon Infinite Thermal Performance Snapback Hat


He may be pretty committed to his current hat, but this one from Melin is going to blow the old one out of the water. Melin is passionate about hats, and the Trenches Icon is designed for the cold. The sweatband and microfleece lining keep him warm while the durable 4-way stretch fabrication makes it beyond comfortable. These are serious hats. Available in 3 colors.

Melin Trenches Icon Infinite Thermal Performance Snapback Hat ($79.00)—Buy Here!

'The Odyssey of Star Wars: An Epic Poem'

the cover of a book titled The Odyssey of Star Wars: An Epic Poem

Star Wars has always been epic, and this rewritten version is heavy on the epicness. It's a must for any fan, honestly.

'The Odyssey of Star Wars: An Epic Poem' ($13.99)—Buy Here!

MAPLE Tubby Chain in Silver/Onyx


MAPLE pushes major boundaries when it comes to jewelry culture, and this sharp necklace, created in 925 silver with Onyx Tubby pendant, is a statement-maker for even the most discerning dude. Available in multiple lengths. 

MAPLE Tubby Chain in Silver/Onyx ($289.00)—Buy Here!

16oz Stainless Steel Mug

Zojirushi on Amazon

With a 4.7 star rating from over 30,000 Amazon reviewers, you know you're hooking him up with his new favorite travel mug that keeps his brew hot or cold for hours.

16oz Stainless Steel Mug ($28.99)—Buy Here!

The Cloud Relaxed Cardigan

man sitting on stool wearing tan cardigan

Cardigans can easily be dressed up or down—he can throw it on over a tee or a button-down in lieu of a blazer. The alpaca-merino blend is unbelievably soft and this beaut comes in 4 neutral colors that go with everything.

The Cloud Relaxed Cardigan ($188.00)—Buy Here!

The North Face Men’s ThermoBall Traction Mules V

The North Face

Meet the slipper-shoe hybrid he won't want to take off. The North Face ThermoBall Traction Mules combine ThermoBall Eco insulation with high-traction rubber outsoles to make slip-ons that are ideal for running a quick errand, getting the morning paper, school drop-off, or hanging at home.

The North Face Men’s ThermoBall Traction Mules V ($41.00)—Buy Here!

Round Box Chain ID Bracelet


Just the right amount of detail for daily wear, this engravable bracelet is available in titanium (pictured), sterling silver, or 14k yellow gold.

Round Box Chain ID Bracelet ($228.00)—Buy Here!

You Complete Me Puzzle

box with almost completed puzzle on navy and orange background
Brass Monkey

This is such a solid dad joke. We're not even mad at it.

You Complete Me Puzzle ($8.00)—Buy Here


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