This Viral “Turkey Challenge” Is Driving Moms Nuts This Thanksgiving

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Your cooking skills can make or break your holiday dinner and guests looking forward to a delicious meal are hoping you’ll bring out your best Martha Stewart or Ina Garten impression for Thanksgiving dinner. However, some kids are serving up a side dish of laughter this year with a viral “turkey challenge” text message to their moms.

People across the country have flocked to social media to share their results of the “turkey challenge” prank, which generally involves a college student student or grown-up texting their mom for advice on cooking a turkey in the microwave.

Twitter users are sharing their text exchanges with their moms and dads asking how long it will take to cook a 25-pound turkey in the microwave and the results are pretty hilarious.

User Tim O’Shea took the prank one step further and decided to skip the text in favor of a phone call that evolves into a whole other level of comedy as his parents question not only his cooking skills, but his common sense for purchasing an “$80 turkey from a stranger off the street.”

Now, as crazy as it might sound, you can cook a turkey in the microwave, at least according to the experts at Butterball. The secret is obviously making sure your turkey is fully thawed before you start. If you put your frozen turkey in the microwave, press “cook” and think you’re all set…well, you’re going to be in for one very food-borne illness bad time.

One Twitter user even shared this amazing recipe throwback gem, too:

While the joke is on the parents in this viral prank, why not turn the tables and text your kids awaiting mom’s home-cooked meal the same question? It will definitely make for entertaining dinner conversation!

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: USDA via Wikimedia Commons



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