This Girl’s Reaction to Her First Day of School Is All of Us When Summer Ends

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Ah, back-to-school time. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many families. But the magic of that all-important first day of kindergarten isn’t shared by every child—at least, not for one Twitter user’s little girl.

One mom recently posted a video clip on Twitter, showing her daughter’s reaction to the first day of school. While the other kindergarten kiddos look pretty pleased to have completed their first day of school, Twitter user PonyGinuwinemp3 can say with confidence that her young child certainly doesn’t.

As the kindergartner waited with the other kids (all wearing adorably sweet paper crowns), she watched as her classmates happily skipped off to their parents. Oh, but the little girl in the video doesn’t exactly gleefully skip to her mother. Nope. She gives a half-hearted high-five to the teacher, tears the crown off her head and glares at the camera.

But the clear display of hatred towards the first day of school doesn’t end there. Before the video stops, the little girl throws her paper crown at the camera. Clearly, she is having none. Of. It.

Plenty of fellow parents on Twitter could totally relate, too:

While kindergarten isn’t exactly a 12-hour day sweating in a coal mine, it does mark the end of long days spent playing on jungle gyms, endless hours of finger painting and eating lunch in your jammies or even running through the grass—without someone telling you to stop and line up with the other children.

For this new kindergartener, that first day of school has dropped some cold, hard truths all at once. And that’s what makes this little girl’s reaction so very priceless. Chin up, princess—we bet it’s going to be a great year.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: wooozxh via Unsplash



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