This Mom’s Viral Tweets about Julia, the Muppet with Autism, Are So Important

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By now, chances are that you’ve already heard of Julia, a Muppet with autism on Sesame Street. Well it looks like Sesame Street is more than doing its job when it comes to helping kids better understand autism.

Sesame Street has helped plenty of us parents and our kiddos over the years with its approachable knack for fostering acceptance and understanding. A now-viral series of tweets from the parent of a child with autism shows just how incredibly helpful and powerful Julia is IRL.

Recently, parent and Twitter user “Ship” tweeted about an experience with her four-year-old son at swim class, when a little girl came up to her son as he was stimming—a shortened term for “self-stimulatory behavior” such as repeating words, humming, flapping, rocking or spinning that is common among people with autism. Rather than poke fun, the girl revealed that it was Sesame Street’s Julia to go up to him.

Ship continued in a lengthy series of tweets explaining why she was at first against the idea of a Muppet with autism, but then opened up to the possibilities it could bring her son and other kids like him.

Ship’s tweets received loads of positive responses, many of which came from adults with autism.

Other parents with children on the spectrum also chimed in their support and gratitude at having such meaningful representation for their kids on a show as big as Sesame Street.

Diverse and inclusive representation in media is so important for kids to not feel marginalized by their identities or experiences—and clearly, Julia’s representation for the autism community is making tremendous positive impacts for kids both within and outside of that community.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Sesame Street Workshop


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