Nothing Will Stop This Little Boy from Playing with His Neighbor’s Dog

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Get ready to smile. And probably giggle too. This cute viral video of a toddler and his neighbor’s dog is absolutely, positively going to make your day. So if you’re feeling not so great feels right now, watch it—it will totally change your mood.

Dad Chad Nelson recently posted a video on Facebook of his two-year-old son playing a game of fetch with the neighbor’s dog. Okay, so a kid playing fetch with a dog isn’t exactly a groundbreaking concept. But this video is so super-cute and it’s getting plenty of attention.

Instead of simply tossing the ball back and forth, the toddler throws it over the neighbor’s fence. And paw-dorably the neighbor’s dog returns it! Yep. The dog pops the ball through the top of the fence, much to the little boy’s delight.

When prompted, the couldn’t-be-cuter little boy exclaims, “Throw it for me please!” And that’s exactly what the dog does. We’re not sure who’s more of a good boy here: the kiddo or the dog!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Erin Wallek via YouTube


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