Don’t let chilly days (or busy schedules) get in the way of bodies moving this fall. You just need a little space in your living room, plus a few few props, and the whole family can get a head-to-toe workout. From freeze dancing to good ol’ fashioned push-ups, we’ve found some cool games, tips and resources like the Nike PLAYlist for getting fit with your kiddos at home. Scroll down for ideas.

Have a Freeze Dance Party

Melissa Heckscher

Dance parties? Awesome. Freeze dance parties? An even more awesome workout. See how long players can stay frozen, and suggest low-to-the-ground poses to work those thighs. If you need a playlist, snag some new faves from these brand-new kids albums that parents will love, too. 

What to Wear: It's all about style when you're preparing for your family dance party, am I right? This Nike Air short-sleeve dress has the cutest color blocking with a hint of sporty thrown in. Add on some Nike Court Borough Low 2 shoes and you'll be ready to dance the night away. 



Use a Deck of Cards to Get Moving

“Go fish” has nothing on this idea from Nike PLAYlist. Grab a deck of cards and use them to fuel your family workouts with this Shake Up. Check out the video below and get moving.


Create an Obstacle Course

Shannan Rouss

This is so much fun, it won’t even seem like exercise. You can use all kinds of materials or “equipment” including cones, couch pillows, tunnels and even tape! We've got loads of DIY obstacle course tips, from outdoor options to ways to teach kids their ABC's while doing the obstacle course. 

What to Wear: You'll want to be comfy when you squeeze your way through tunnels and hop over hurdles on your obstacle course. That's why we recommend a hoodie like the Nike Sporstwear pullover hoodie for a super comfy option. Increase your speed with the Nike Air Zoom Arcadia SE kids' shoes that bring both comfort and style to your obstacle course. 



Wrestle With the Kids

Adding silly rules like “no tickling when pinned” makes wrestling with the kiddos that much more enjoyable and funny. It’s a great way to get a strength training workout, too. Bonus: it's one of our favorite screen-free activities and you only need two people. 

What to Wear: You don't want to give your opponent any advantages when wrestling so you'll want to choose something sleek for your wardrobe. These Nike Sportswear tech fleece pants are tapered at the ankle and have zippered pockets to keep your gear inside. This Nike Sportswear t-shirt is fitted and made of a soft cotton that will make wrestling easy. 



Go Mountain Climbing…Indoors

If you can’t take a hike or make it outdoors, bring the climbing inside (and bonus: you don’t even need shoes!). Take a cue from this Nike PLAYlist episode, which is perfect for any kids who are literally climbing the walls.


Strike a Pose

truthseeker08 via pixabay

Namaste. Turn your wild child into a calm collected yogi (if only!) with basic stretching moves. Introduce the star pose, the butterfly pose and even the mermaid pose—or check out these online resources, where you’ll find interactive stories filled with kid-friendly yoga poses that work for parents, too!

What to Wear: Show off your yogi style with these Nike graphic training tights that have a slim fit to enable you to move like you want to. The soft, flowy jersey material makes this tie-front Nike long-sleeve tee a fun option for girls. 



Organize a Get Movin’ Night

Patricia Prudente via Unsplash

The whole family can get their blood pumping on Get Movin’ Night. Flashcards filled with activities like jumping jacks, somersaults and crab walking are not only physical but exciting. Check out Allison McDonald’s homegrown version at No Time for Flashcards. For more ideas, snag a pack of FITDECK cards. We especially love the Superhero set, it includes moves like Red Rover and Flamingo.

What to Wear: Whether you go with black or gray or violet, these Nike Sportswear high-waisted leggings are just what a girl needs to get movin'. And with so many colors to choose from, these Nike Air Max 270 RT shoes are the perfect option for get movin' night. 



Make It All a Game

Kick up the fun factor—and your heart rate—during your next family workout. All you need is some enthusiasm and energy. Get started with Nike PLAYlist‘s episode that’ll show you how to make a fitness game out of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Check it out below:

Do Push-Ups

skeeze via pixabay

Drop and give us 10! Make like the middle school PE teacher you loved to fear and get everyone working on upper-body strength with push-ups. Do 'em in the hall, in between the beds, in the kitchen, as a team or even while you wait for the kids to find their shoes before school. Head over to Breaking Muscle for other fabulous upper body exercises, all without equipment.

What to Wear: Unless you've been in training for years, you're likely to sweat when it's push-up time. That's why a basic tee is the way to go. This Nike Sportswear "Just Do It" tee comes in a handful of colors and the messaging is on-point. Girls will also love the sleek style of this Nike Air cropped t-shirt



Walk Like Animals

Marcelo César Augusto Romeo via flickr

Your kids have a blast making wild animals sounds and different parts of your body will get to move around when you play "Walk Like Animals." From core strengthening to upper-arm activities, these different walks are well suited to just about everyone. Try the crab walk, bear walk, inchworm walk and more. Take a look at each walk from Therapy Street for Kids here.

What to Wear: If your're going to be squirming on the ground like a snake and doing some donkey kicks, you'll want your wardrobe to be flexible. These Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece pants are comfy to wear and totally kid proof. Pair them with the Nike Heritage Sportwear full-zip hoodie and you can bring your animals outside to try out their moves. 



It’s a Plant Challenge…with a Twist

This isn’t any old plank challenge. Nike PLAYlist dishes out this genius idea that makes planking into a game. Grab your family member, a straw and a cotton ball to participate in this fun workout. Get the details below:

Play Balloon Ball

Gabriel Baranski via Unsplash

Balloons make for interesting play in so many ways—even just one is enough to get legs jumping and moving. Keep the balloon in the air, try to get it as high as possible or just play catch. Psst . . . those gross motor skills get a workout, too! Mama Pauline of Lessons Learnt Journal has a simple tutorial.

What to Wear: Channel your inner Michael Jordan and jump for the sky in these Nike basketball pants with a patch that pay homage to the basketball star. Top it with a Nike Pro Warm graphic long-sleeve training top and you'll be on your way to balloon ball greatness. 




Play Hot Potato

Nike PLAYlist takes the idea of hot potato to a whole new, fun level. All you need is a soccer ball (or equivalent) and a good attitude. We love this idea because it’s great for any age or skill level.



Jump Rope

Jose Maria Cuellar via Flickr

Whip out that jump rope and see how many times your kids can jump without messing up. Already conquered jumping rope? Try hopping on one foot or if you have at least three people and two ropes see if you can master double dutch. Jumping games are a great way to get the heart pumping fast. 

What to Wear: Gear up in these Nike Trophy printed training tights that have a slim fit that's perfect for jumping. Add some pep to your step with these Nike Air VaporMax 2020 shoes that are awesomely-made out of sustainable materials. 



Turn on a Fitness Video Game

StartupStockPhotos via pixabay

If you have a PlayStation or XBox console, chances are you know about some of the awesome video games that also have a fitness components like Just Dance and Mario Tennis Aces. But even without a console, you can access free online games that get the kids moving like Sesame Street's Big Bird and Snuffy's Letter Dance Party that also teaches letters. 

What to Wear: We love this Nike Sportwear t-shirt for it's inspiring teamwork graphic and Nike Sportswear Club Fleece pullover hoodie that reminds us all that "It's All a Game." 


Whatever your new normal is, chances are you’re spending more time together as a family. We love the idea of using this extra time together to stay active. So does Nike. They’ve put together the Nike PLAYlist, which consist of sweet videos, interviews with pro athletes and sports lab games that’ll give families ideas on how to get moving together. 

—Gabby Cullen & Kate Loweth


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