Weeknight Meal: Vegetable Shakshuka

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In Partnership With Eggland’s Best

Take things a bit further with your Shakshuka and add delicious vegetables!

Prep Time 10 min  Cook Time 25 min  Yield 4 servings 

You will need:

2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

1 medium onion, diced

3 cloves garlic, finely diced

2 tsp. paprika

1 tsp. ground cumin

½ tsp. cayenne pepper (or to taste)

½ tsp. cracked black pepper

½ tsp. turmeric

2 tbsp. tomato paste

1 small eggplant, peeled and diced

2 poblano peppers, diced

1 cup diced Portobello mushrooms

1 28 oz. can crushed tomatoes

Salt to taste

4 oz. feta cheese

5 large Eggland’s Best eggs


Heat a large cast iron skillet on medium high.

Add the oil, then the onions, garlic, paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and turmeric.

Cook just until the spices become fragrant, then add the tomato paste. Cook for about an additional 1 – 2 minutes.

Add the eggplant, poblano pepper, and mushrooms and cook until the vegetables are softened.

Add the crushed tomatoes, and salt (you may not need much as the feta is quite salty) then cook for another 4 – 5 minutes.

Add in the feta cheese in small clumps throughout the mixture. Make sure the cheese is submerged into the tomato sauce.

Create 5 wells in the pan and add the eggs into the wells.

Lightly run your spatula into the whites to break it slightly and allow it to incorporate some of the tomato. Leave the yolks whole.

Cook for about 2 – 5 minutes, depending on how hard you want the egg whites.

Cover and cook for 1 minute to lightly cook the top of the egg whites, but not much longer, or else you risk cooking the yolks.

Sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper over the eggs and serve hot with a side of bread.

 At Eggland’s Best, their commitment is to produce a more nutritious egg, which is also the finest, freshest, and most delicious egg possible. From unique hen feed and strict quality standards to their network of USDA-inspected local farms all over the United States, you can be confident that a classic, organic, or cage-free egg with the EB stamp on the shell is a nutritionally superior egg that delivers farm-fresh taste.


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