Shopping for glasses for kids can be a challenging and pricey process, but one newly-launched company aims to make it fun with eyewear that is completely designed with kids—and parents—in mind. Read on to see how Pair Eyewear is changing the glasses game for kids and adults alike.

Pair Eyewear is the brainchild of co-founders Sophia Edelstein and Nathan Kondamuri as they set out to create a line of fashionable, but affordable glasses for kids that can be easily customized to reflect a kid’s changing tastes and style. “As a parent, getting glasses for their child can be a really stressful experience,” Edelstein and Kondamuri told Red Tricycle. So, what’s a parent to do?

“We’ve heard countless stories from parents about children who would purposefully leave glasses at home, in their backpack or in their desks at school to get out of wearing them,” Edelstein said. “Glasses truly have become this stigmatized product a child is required to wear, yet almost always does not want to. We’re working to completely redefine what a Pair of glasses can mean to a child.”

Let’s face it—kids grow and change their minds overnight. Before the paint can dry on those pink walls, they’ve already decided purple is their favorite color. The problem with wanting to change their style on-the-fly is that glasses can be expensive. Instead of having to commit to just one style, Pair Eyewear’s revolutionary design allows kids to change the color of their glasses daily.

Pair offers five different base frames, which retail for $95 each. These base frames can be fitted with top frames, $24.95 each, that come in a variety of colors and easily snap on top of the base to instantly create a new look. The base frames are available in three colors, but each base frame can be paired with up to ten top frames in different colors and styles.

Pair Eyewear also takes the pain out of shopping for glasses by bringing the experience directly to your home. Parents and kids can log on to the company’s website and order a free home try-on kit which comes packed with cardboard cut-outs of each frame style offered. Once kids decide on the style they like, head back to the site to place an order that will is shipped directly to you.

“From my own experience of getting glasses as a child when I was 8 years old, I knew that the process of buying glasses was very uninspiring and medical,” explained Kondamuri. “It dawned on us that kids’ glasses simply didn’t reflect a child’s creativity, energy and growing personality. Inspired by the way children change their shoes, clothes and even braces colors, we designed continually customizable glasses which empower a child to change their frames to match their style and interests.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Courtesy of Pair Eyewear



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