There are few things that take us back to the ’90s like scrunchies, Lips Smackers, a bottle of Vanilla Fields and a trademark two-toned Caboodle used for storing all your rocking, colorful makeup. Luckily for us, Urban Outfitters is bringing back the iconic makeup tackle box for just $10––our inner ’90s girls are rejoicing.

Created in 1987, the Caboodle took it’s cue from a photo printed in People of Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White toting her makeup in a Plano Molding tackle box. Plano decided to use their design to manufacture an official makeup box, complete with mirror, deep storage and swing-out trays which are all reminiscent of their super-efficient fishing tackle box.

And thus, the Caboodle was born.

In the 31 years since Caboodles was founded, we’ve seen lots of updates to keep the box modern and on point. The company now offers train cases, bags, valets, countertop acrylics and teen-specific boxes, but nothing compares to the original which was probably the first-ever makeup carrier for us 90’s girls.

What sets apart the Urban Outfitters Caboodles (aside from the wallet-friendly price) are the iconic colors and original swing-trays which bring back tons of memories talking on your party line while reading Tiger Beat. You can pick from mint green, lavender and pink which have been described as “vintage-inspired.”

Pass us the night cream, please.

Alright, who’s adding a Caboodle to their shopping cart? Let us know in the comments!

––Karly Wood


All photos: Urban Outfitters



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