5 Magical Places You Can Get Unicorn Ice Cream

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You’ve seen the pics on Instagram and heard the rumors of the gloriousness that is this delish treat, and now you’re wondering where to get unicorn ice cream. So where should you go if you’re looking for rad rainbow awesomeness? We’ve got the best places to get your unicorn ice cream fix.


The big red bullseye retailer has “Unicorn Magic” ice cream for sale in 48 oz. tubs. That’s right. You can buy your very own package of whirly, swirly unicorn goodness at your local Target store.


If this Instagram post doesn’t say it all, well… These fab, fun and completely cool unicorn ice cream cones are absolutely everything.

Taiyaki NYC

Yes, you have to go to the Big Apple to get this unicorn cone—rather, to get this unicorn ice cream in an amazingly artistic fish-shaped cone. Whoa!


Cutie Pie Cupcakes & Co.

Planning a trip to Canada? This Toronto-based bakery doesn’t just sell unicorn ice cream. Nope. They also sell rainbow-hued unicorn cones too!

The Moo Gelato

This Huntington Beach gelato eatery makes unicorn delights that truly have no equal. Between the colorful coolness of the ice cream itself and the waffle cone magic, these chilly creations are true magic.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Target


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