Moms, Here’s Why You’ll Want to Put the Kids to Bed Early Tonight—& Every Night

A good night’s rest is important to staying healthy and focused in school, but did you know that getting your kids to sleep on time also has some major benefits for moms? Read on to find out why kids should go to bed early every night.

Growing Up In Australia tracked thousands of families in a long-term study that started back in 2004, checking in every two years with interviews to analyze the mental and physical health of both kids and parents. Based on the data the organization collected on sleep and lifestyle, researchers found that kids who went to bed earlier were healthier overall.

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More sleep equating with better health in kids isn’t exactly a groundbreaking idea. However, the other interesting result that researchers found was that moms of kids who went to bed earlier were also healthier overall. If earlier bedtime equates with more time moms can spend relaxing, then that result totally makes sense.

Better yet, according to research by the National Institutes of Health, kids that go to bed earlier tend to sleep longer, which again is big win for exhausted moms. After all, kids sleeping longer means you get to sleep longer, too!

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: ddimitrova via Pixabay



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