Work Your Abs Out…From Laughing

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Why can’t we all just be as happy as these participants of the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobics Championships? I can not tell you how hard I laughed when I watched the full YouTube video of the opening ceremony. You can (and should) view it here. I promise you will work out your abs just as hard as the participants…from laughing.


Oh yeah! Shake it boys. Just don’t shake it too hard. I’m not sure how iron clad that spandex really is.


A little happy running man is good for the soul.


The inventors of the infamous “twerk.” Sit down, Miley Cyrus. Let these boys of the 80’s show you how it is really done.


Let me see your jazz hands. Jazz hands and mullets all around!


Tough guys wear spanks.



The bright white shoes and tube socks are adding a bit of extra sexy here. Seriously though, what if this was your dad!?


How have their leotards not ridden half way up their uterus by now? I’m squirming just looking at them.


They are in it to win it!


Look at these faces, so elated to be hopping around in bright leotards.



Great job gang.  The eighties really never does disappoint, does it.

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