New Year’s looking a little different this year? As we all settle into a subdued evening of ringing in 2021, Disney wants to make the night as special as possible.

Continuing the #DisneyMagicMoments tradition that has gotten us through 2020, you can tune into a virtual viewing of “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks beginning tonight, Dec. 31 at 11:48 p.m., EST.

photo: Joshua Suddock/Disneyland

This pre-recorded showing comes to use from from Walt Disney World Resort in 2017. Viewers will get spectacular views of the festive fireworks above Cinderella Castle, with music from the likes of Pinocchio, Peter Pan and famous themes from various Disney attractions.

You can check out the show starting tonight at 11:48 p.m., EST on the Disney Parks Blog.

––Karly Wood



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Wonder Woman 1984 was met with great reception when it released on Christmas Day and now you can take home a piece of it with JuJuBe’s new collection. The lineup uses vibrant colors and bold prints––basically, everything that is good about the 80’s.

Wonder Woman 1984 features backpacks, totes, a fanny pack, organizing cubes, diaper bags, and more. You can shop the bright collection with prices that vary from $15 to $195, with a huge sale happening right now on where you can save up to 40 percent off! Keep scrolling to see some of our fave items from the collab.

Be Cool


Be Packed


Be Ready




Super Be


––Karly Wood

All photos: Courtesy of JuJueBe



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If there’s anything we deserve after the year we’ve had, it’s more donuts. So yes, we’re telling you it’s totally okay to make the start of the new year a sweet one, and Krispy Kreme is offering an epic deal just for you. Keep reading to find out more. 

Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme

As a big thank you to customers for supporting the brand in 2020, the cult donut brand is offering an epic “Four Days of Glaze” deal—from Dec. 31-Jan 3., you can snag two dozen Original Glazed® donuts for just $12. This deal is available via pickup, drive-thru and in-store at participating Krispy Kreme locations across the country, and guests can purchase up to two boxes a day. Head over to to find a participating location near you. 

—Gabby Cullen



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If Seattle’s rainy winter nights don’t scream “movie night” than we don’t know what does. So pop some corn and set the TV to stream, it’s time to watch a Seattle movie with the fam. From old school flicks to new releases, these 10 films will make your movie night epic. Lights, camera, action!

The One & Only Ivan


Based on Katherine Applegate's award-winning book by the same name, this sweet movie fictionalizes the real-life story of Ivan, the silverback gorilla who called Tacoma home. It’s possible you remember visiting Ivan at the B&I in Lakewood in the ‘80s or ‘90s. Or maybe you’ve seen his statue outside the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Even if you have, you’ll have a reason to visit and learn more about Ivan after watching this movie that reminds us about the importance of home.

Stream it on Disney+.

Harry and the Hendersons

Harry and the Hendersons is the classic story of a Seattle family and their “accidental” encounter with Sasquatch. We’re sure your kids will love it, whether you do a lot of camping or not. While you’re watching, keep an eye out for familiar sights in Wallingford, Ballard and Beacon Hill, where parts of the movie were filmed. Much has changed since this movie came out in 1987, but you'll recognize another timeless Washington spot while you watch—the Cascades.

Stream it on amazon, $3.99

The Neverending Story

Set in the fictional city of De Forest, Washington, The Neverending Story is a story within a story that will totally hook your kids. In the real world, Bastian Bux ducks into a bookstore to escape bullies. In the fantasy world, Atreyu works to saves his home world, Fatasia, from “The Nothing.” It’s a hero story the whole fam will love.

Stream it on amazon, $3.99

War Games

Delve into this movie about a high schooler who accidentally hacks into the U.S. Defense System at NORAD and ends up playing a high stakes game of nuclear tic-tac-toe with a computer. Although NORAD is actually under a mountain in Colorado Springs, in this movie it’s on a set built in Newhalem off route 20 in the north Cascades. You might also recognize the Pierce County Steilacoom ferry heading to Anderson Island (a.k.a Goose Island).

Stream it on amazon, $3.99

Free Willy

A touching tale about a troubled boy and a captive orca whale, Free Willy is a total crowd pleaser that’ll make you want to go whale watching this weekend. All the action takes place at the fictional Northwest Adventure Park in Seattle, but much of this classic ‘90s tale was filmed in Astoria, Oregon, site of another fam fave, The Goonies.

Stream it on amazon, $3.99

Overboard (2018)

The remake of this ‘80s classic stars Edmonds native Anna Faris and so much Seahawks gear. Gather your mini twelves and count the Seahawks shirts, flags and jerseys as you watch this switch-a-roo comedy that takes place in the Pacific Northwest. It’s the story of single mom, Kate Sullivan and her elaborate ruse to convince her yacht-owning boss (now suffering from amnesia) that they’re married.

Stream it on amazon, $3.99

Agent Cody Banks

The first in this kid movie franchise, Agent Cody Banks is the zany spy thriller every kiddo dreams of. The movie packs some serious ‘90s teen star power (Frankie Muniz and Hillary Duff star). It tells the story of Seattle high school student, Cody Banks’ undercover mission to save—you guessed it—the world.

Stream it on amazon, $3.99

Sleepless in Seattle

It’s hard to have a list of movies set in Seattle without adding this classic. From the houseboat on Lake Union to the Athenian Restaurant at Pike Street to Alki Beach, this movie hits all the Seattle high notes and then some. Long story short, if you want a feel-good movie the whole family can watch, you’re in good hands with this PG-rated flick.

Stream it on amazon, $3.99

Practical Magic

A family curse and an untimely death are the backstory of this magical movie that was filmed in Coupeville on Whidbey Island. As you watch the two witchy sisters work through their past and reconcile their love lives (sans spells), you might notice familiar Coupeville sights, like the (recently closed) Knead & Feed bakery that served as the potion shop in town. This is probably one to save for those tween years though—it’s rated PG-13.

Stream it on amazon, $3.99

10 Things I Hate About You

Another one to save for those sooner-than-you-think tween years (it’s also PG-13), writing credit for this ‘90s teen drama goes to Shakespeare. It’s a modern adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew, and it's packed with easily recognizable Seattle spots. Families will recognize Queen Anne’s Kerry Park, the Aurora Bridge, Lake Union and Gas Works Park as they watch the film. The famed Fremont Troll also makes an appearance. And if you’re wondering about Padua High School—it’s actually historic Stadium High School in Tacoma.

Stream it on amazon, $3.99

—Allison Sutcliffe

All images from unless noted

feature image: iStock


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It’s that time of year again. Today, American Girl unveiled its 2021 Girl of the Year, Kira Bailey. Kira—a nurturing and inquisitive 10-year-old who cares deeply for animals and the environment—joins American Girl’s line of contemporary characters that inspires children to make a positive difference in the world. 

Kira's Gift Trunk

Whether she’s caring for an orphaned koala joey or facing a bushfire that’s threatening her great-aunts’ wildlife sanctuary in Australia, Kira confronts critical ecological issues, such as wildlife protection and the threat of climate change, that are more relevant to our planet than ever.

“As American Girl kicks off its 35th year, Kira joins our lineup of diverse and purposeful characters who star in stories that reflect the realities of the times—whether it’s historical or modern-day,” says Jamie Cygielman, General Manager of American Girl. “As we all witnessed the bushfires rage in Australia last year and start up again this September, and the devastating wildfires in the western United States, we knew it was important to focus Kira’s story on the major conservation and climate challenges facing our planet today—causes that are extremely important to today’s youth. Through Kira, we hope our fans will learn that we all have a part to play in taking positive action for our planet.”

To further support Kira’s message, American Girl is partnering with NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service, Inc. (WIRES), Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization dedicated to rescuing and caring for sick, injured, and orphaned animals, including those impacted by bushfires and drought. Today through December 30, 2021, American Girl is supporting the organization’s mission to rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife by matching customer donations dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $25,000. To learn more about how American Girl is helping WIRES, visit

“Last year, Australia’s fire season was unlike anything previously experienced in terms of scale and severity, with fires destroying millions of hectares of land—much of which was threatened-species habitat,” says Kyla Shelley, Chief Operating Officer for WIRES. “Wild species worldwide are facing enormous challenges—including extinction—mainly due to habitat loss, natural disasters, and climate change. Just like Kira discovers, everyone can get involved in wildlife rescue and protection, and it’s not too late to make a difference wherever you live.” 

To create Kira, American Girl worked hand in hand with author Erin Teagan, who holds a master’s degree in science and traveled to Australia to gain a deeper understanding of Kira’s experiences. Other consultants specializing in Australian wildlife and culture reviewed all aspects of Kira’s world—from manuscripts to products—to help ensure every detail was rooted in real practices and science, with the following two experts playing an integral role:

  • Dr. Alison Bee — Veterinarian, owner and manager of Magnetic Island Animal Hospital, a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility for sick, injured, and orphaned koalas in North Queensland, Australia 
  • Tassin Barnard — Owner and manager of the Australian Walkabout Wildlife Park, a wildlife preserve on the central coast of New South Wales.

Kira's Animal Rescue

In the two-book series, Kira is excited to leave her home state of Michigan and spend her summer abroad at her great-aunts’ Mamie and Lynette’s wildlife sanctuary and vet clinic in Queensland, Australia. There she learns to care for injured or orphaned animals with her new friend Alexis. But when a roving predator and a raging bushfire threaten the sanctuary, Kira must rise to the challenge to protect her family and the animals she loves. In the end, Kira learns you can’t let the fear of the worst keep you from living your best.

Kira's Comfy Platform Tent

Bringing the stories to life is a beautiful 18-inch Kira doll, featuring green eyes and long, wavy blonde hair, that comes dressed in a tie-dye tank, sporty skirt, and lace-up boots perfect for bushwalking. Kira’s signature accessories include an outdoor backpack with koala keychain and a wide-brimmed hat to protect her from the Australian sun. Girls can choose from several other Australian-inspired outfits, including Kira’s girl-and-doll koala PJs, as well as adorable plush animals like a kangaroo and joey, koala, and a wombat (part of Kira’s Wildlife Rescue Set). To extend the play further, there’s Kira’s Animal Exam Table and Comfy Platform Tent—both with over 20 authentic accessories—to fuel girls’ imaginations.

Kira Exam Table & Wildlife Rescue Set

To celebrate Kira’s debut, fans can participate in the following activities and events:

  • Tune in to American Girl’s first-ever Virtual 2021 Girl of the Year Event on December 31 at 3 p.m. ET and be among the first to see Kira’s products, watch Kira videos, check out real wildlife in care in Australia, and other fun activities.
  • Visit American Girl retail stores on Dec. 31–Jan. 3 to explore and shop Kira’s world, where kids will receive a free tote bag with a kangaroo joey design and a koala craft while supplies last.
  • Watch Kira-inspired videos on American Girl’s popular YouTube and YouTube Kids Channel, including a six-week “Meet Kira” stop-motion series, plus Kira music videos, DIY crafts, and other Kira-inspired content throughout the year.
  • Learn more from the experts involved in Kira’s development and other amazing girls who are making a positive difference for our planet by tuning into our “Making of Kira” video and reading about “Why Kira Matters.”
  • Have fun on Kira’s free dedicated play site and explore her wildlife sanctuary and play Kira-themed games.  

As a companion to Kira’s stories, American Girl is also introducing a nonfiction advice book, Love the Earth, for readers 8 and up. The fully illustrated guide helps readers understand climate change and offers tips and tools for living an earth-friendly life. Available Jan. 1, the book is a great choice for emerging environmentalists who want to speak up for climate change solutions. More climate-related events and partnerships will launch in Apr. 2021.

The Kira collection is available Dec. 31, 2020, at and at all American Girl retail locations nationwide and, starting Jan. 1, 2021, at American Girl specialty boutiques at select Indigo and Chapters locations in Canada and online at The Kira doll and book retails for $110 and the Kira books ($7.99 each) can also be purchased through retail and online booksellers.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of American Girl


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With kids being home and parents getting creative in finding things to do during this COVID year, options are running low. Now that museums are starting to open up, it’s a great time to visit safely. With the holidays not far away, what better gift than a membership to our beloved Bay Area museums that have been hit hard this year? From all things air transportation to Charlie Brown fans, treat your child (and yourself), with a gift that not only teaches but is fun for the whole family. Parents rejoice!

San Francisco


The Exploratorium

The Membership: Two family memberships are available for purchase. The Family Explorers Membership includes unlimited daytime admission for up to two adults and accompanying guests, plus up to four children for $149. For those that want grandparents to be able to visit with the kiddos anytime, check out the Family Explorers with Caregiver Card. It adds unlimited daytime admission for one adult, and grandparents can visit anytime with kids for $199.
Compare That To: Admission is $29.95/adult; $24.95/youth (13-17); $19.95/youth (4-12); free for children under three. After Dark tickets are also $19.95/non-members. 
The Biggest Perks: 10% discount at the store, exclusive invitations to members-only events and exhibitions, discounted tickets to Tactile Dome and After Dark, and discounted guest tickets for daytime admission. Membership is also 100% fully tax-deductible. 

Note that the museum is currently closed and will open at a future date.

Pier 15 (Embarcadero at Green St.)
San Francisco, CA 

Walt Disney Family Museum

The Membership: Family Membership includes admission for four members plus one additional guest per visit with eight film vouchers that can be redeemed for tickets to their monthly film screenings for $245. 
Compare That To: Daily admission is $25/adult; $15/youth (6-17); free for children under five.
The Biggest Perks: All the benefits of the Dual and Individual Membership including participation in NARM and ROAM (giving access to hundreds of museums across the country), one-time-use VIP tickets to guests, discounts for additional tickets, invitations to members-only events and a 10% discount to the store. It’s also tax-deductible! 

104 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA 


Kate Loweth

The Membership: Great for visiting with family and friends, the Dual Membership includes admission for one member and up to three guests for a total of four adults per visit for $180. 
Compare The To: Daily admission is $25/adult; $19/youth (19-24); free for guests 18 & under. 
Biggest Perks: Up to 16 free tickets for each surcharged special exhibition, members-only preview days and parties, 10% off museum store purchases (20% off member sale days), 10% off gift memberships, discounted tickets to films, lectures, and education programs and 25% off parking in the SFMOMA garage. 

151 Third St.
San Francisco, CA 

California Academy of Sciences

Kathryn Whitney © 2018 California Academy of Sciences

The Membership: Family Membership includes admission for two adults and children 17 & under for $269. For the best deal with grandparents, opt for the Family Plus which includes two adults, children 17 & under and one caregiver, plus free admission for two guests for $329. For those with a flexible schedule and OK with blackout dates, consider the Community Value Membership for $169 for two adults (parents or grandparents) and children 17 & under. It’s a great way to visit the museum and save money as well! 
Compare That To: Daily admission is $29.74/adult; $23.25/youth (13-17); free for children under two. 
Biggest Perks: Invitations to exclusive exhibit previews and member talks, members-only planetarium shows, animal feedings and hands-on programs, 20% off lectures, sleepovers, tours and NightLife, 10% off shopping, dining and birthday party rentals and express entry to the museum. Fully tax-deductible as well! 

Golden Gate Park
55 Music Concourse Dr.
San Francisco, CA 

deYoung Museum

de Young Museum

The Membership: The Family Membership is fully tax-deductible and is good for two members and two guests (17 & up).  
Compare That To: Daily one-time admission is $15/adult; free for guests 17 & under. 
Biggest Perks: Invitation to Member Mornings on select Saturday mornings, admission to special exhibitions for six children up to age 17, discounts on Summer Camp and classes designed for families and children, 10% off at the museum stores (and 20% off during seasons members-only sale days), discounts on audio tours, programs and events. 

Golden Gate Park
50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr.
San Francisco, CA 

East Bay

Chabot Space and Science Center

The Membership: The Earth Family Membership includes two parents and all children in the household 18 & under for $99. The Earth Orbiter is also available and includes a grandparent for $150/year.
Compare That To: Admission is $18/adult; $14/youth (3-12); free for children under three.
Biggest Perks: Priority registration for summer camps, events and workshops (which are super popular), access to monthly members-only telescope viewing, discounts on Starry Nights Gift Shop and Town Kitchen Cafe and free or discounted admission to science centers and museums worldwide from the ASTC Passport program. 

Note that the museum is currently closed, but plans to re-open in June 2021.

1000 Skyline Blvd.
Oakland, CA 

Habitot Children's Museum

The Membership: The Ambassador Family Membership is a great membership that’s easy on the wallet. It includes unlimited visits for up to four household family members (including caregivers) for $34. Note that there is a six-month minimum enrollment. 
Compare That To: Daily admission is $12/adult and children; free for babies 12 months & under. 
Biggest Perks: Half-price admission at over 200 children’s museums nationwide (including seven in the Bay Area), unlimited additional guests at just $10, 10% off birthday parties and Parent Night Out events and 20% discount at the store.

Note that the museum is currently closed and will open at a future date. 

2065 Kittredge St.
Berkeley, CA 

Peninsula/South Bay

Hiller Aviation Museum


The Membership: The Family Membership is $90 and includes admission for two adults and up to four children 17 & under with discounts on Aviation Camp. A Pioneer Membership is also available and adds an additional card for another adult (up to three per visit) and two one-time guest passes for $125.
Compare That To: Currently open only on the weekends with a discounted fee of $14.40/adult (normally $18); $8.80/youth (normally $14); free for children four & under. 
Biggest Perks: Discounts on workshops and special programs, 10% discount at the shop (and 25% off on Special Member Days), 10% discount on birthday parties, invitation to members-only aviation parties, free Flight Sim Zone and Drone Plex access and discounts on FMX Flight Simulator. Families can also score a 10% discount on Aviation Camp enrollment. 

601 Skyway Rd.
San Carlos, CA 

Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

The Membership: Choose between a Family or Grandparent Membership for $175 which includes unlimited admission for two adults and children or grandchildren 18 & under. 
Compare That To: Currently the museum is only open to Bill’s Backyard and is $5/guest; free for infants. 
Biggest Perks: Members-only invitation to exclusive events and exhibition previews, discount at the FoodShed and two one-time-use guest passes. 

Currently, the museum is only allowing admission to Bill’s Backyard with plans to re-open the rest of the museum in phases. 

180 Woz Way
San Jose, CA 


The Membership: A Family Membership is $145 and includes admission for two adults and children (or grandchildren) 18 & under and free parking when visiting the museum. 
Compare That To: Daily admission is $15.95/adult; $12.95/child; free for babies 17 months & under.
Biggest Perks: Discounts for IlluminOdyssey Outdoors, free entrance to Coyote Point Recreation Area, discounted admission for family and friends, 10% discount at the shop, and for birthday parties, and free or discounted tickets to over 400 science and wildlife centers. Memberships are also fully tax-deductible!

1651 Coyote Point Dr.
San Mateo, CA 

North Bay

Bay Area Discovery Museum

The Membership: The Family Membership includes two adults and all children in the household, with a 20% discount for teachers and corporate employees. There is also a Grandparents Membership which includes all the same benefits as the Family Membership, with the addition of including all grandchildren a grandparent member wishes to cover. Membership does not include admission to the Goblin Jamboree. 
Compare That To: General admission is $16.95/adult; $16.95/kids (1-18); $14.95/babies (6-11 months) and seniors.
Biggest Perks: Exclusive member storytimes and meetups (hands-on STEM and art projects), admission to BADM festivals and special events, free or discounted tickets to over 500 children's museums and science centers worldwide, four guest passes, credit towards birthday parties and a 10% discount at the store and cafe. 

557 McReynolds Rd.
Sausalito, CA 

Charles M. Shultz Museum

The Membership: Includes admission for two adults and all children 18 & under, plus four guest passes for $75.
Compare That To: Admission is $12/adult; $5/youth (4-18); free for children under three. 
Biggest Perks: Invitation to members-only events, 20% discount on museum workshops, 10% off at the museum store, discount on ice skating at Snoopy’s Home Ice and admission to the Children's Museum of Sonoma County and the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. Plus NARM and ROAM privileges. 

Note that the museum is currently closed and will open at a future date.

2301 Hardies Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 

—Sandra Lee


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A new study by researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM, in its Spanish acronym) say they have developed a video game that allows the identification and evaluation of the degree of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adolescents. Read on to learn more about this potential new rapid test that will provide for early diagnosis.

How is ADHD currently diagnosed?
According to Science Daily, ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder with an estimated prevalence of 7.2% in children and adolescents. Currently, Science Daily reports that ADHD is clinically diagnosed, meaning the symptoms are identified by health care professionals using the child’s medical history, often supported by scales completed by caregivers and/or teachers. There is currently no diagnostic tests to identify ADHD.

What to know about the study
The study was carried out in collaboration with a group of 32 children, between the ages of 8 and 16, diagnosed with ADHD by the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit in the Psychiatry Department at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation University Hospital. When the children took the test, they were observed by trained professionals, and caregivers filled out a behavior classification scale, which helps evaluate the severity of ADHD symptoms. Each test only takes seven minutes to complete.

What’s the Game?
In the game a raccoon has to jump over 180 holes that are grouped into 18 blocks. “We hypothesize that children diagnosed with ADHD inattentive subtype will make more mistakes by omission and will jump closer to the hole as a result of the symptoms of inattention,” says Inmaculada Peñuelas Calvo, another author of the study, psychiatrist at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation University Hospital and professor at the UCM’s Department of Personality, Evaluation and Clinical Psychology.

What did the study conclude?
The study states: “Our results suggest that the number of times the avatar does not jump, as well as the median and interquartile range of the jump distances, show a significant correlation with the severity of patients’ inattention. In addition, this correlation tends to be greater when the time between stimuli increases. This could be explained because when the time between stimuli is short, the patient is immersed in the game, whereas whenever this time is longer, ADHD patients have difficulty maintaining the attention.” In short, this new study opens the door to exploring whether a 7 minute video game can be used as a diagnostic tool to help identify the severity of ADHD in children. And, since it’s an actual video game, the possibility of conducting tests like these remotely may be possible in the future.

Learn more here and read the full study here.

—Erin Lem

photo: Pixabay


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You’re used to seeing her flawlessly design interior spaces and starting January 4, 2021, Joanna Gaines is set to win you over yet again. She recently announced that her new cooking show, “Magnolia Table” is set to debut on Discovery+ and she offered fans a sneak peak on IGTV of what’s cooking this season.

From what we can tell, don’t expect gourmet meals or cooking tutorials. “Magnolia Table” is all about down-to-earth and approachable cooking. With family recipes taking centerstage, there may even be a dedicated episode to biscuits! It looks like fans can also expect appearances by the Gaines clan as she invites her kids in the kitchen with her and plenty of bloopers and mishaps that make Joanna Gaines all that more relatable.

—Erin Lem

featured image courtesy of Target


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Your kids will be begging for more bricks when their breakfast is in the shape of blocks. Hammacher Schlemmer’s Building Brick Waffle Maker made its debut on Kickstarter and quickly surpassed its goal. Now it’s available for purchase!

The Building Brick Waffle Maker takes meals to the next level, literally. Create a house or a towering skyscraper made of delicious waffles, then cover it in syrup and demolish it.

Building Brick Waffles

Bake up interlocking bricks in this waffle maker that makes10 short bricks, two long bricks, and two individual bricks at the same time. The finished products can be easily stacked, making any structure you can dream of.

The Building Brick Waffle Maker is made from die-cast aluminum with a food-grade, non-stick coating that is easy to clean. It currently sells for $59.99 and the next batch will ship in January. Breakfast for dinner, anyone?

—Jennifer Swartvagher & Karly Wood

photos: Hammacher Schlemmer



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If you’re still crying into your Butter Beer because you couldn’t get your hands on the LEGO Diagon Alley set, you’ll love the new kits coming out in January.

The Harry Potter “Moments” collection is a four-part set that features key experiences from the franchise. You can shop $30 kits that include Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology and Potions Classes that are great for kiddos 8 and older, with approximately 250 pieces each. Even better, the sets are made to look like a set of books, which makes transport and storage a breeze.

For adult Harry Potter fans, the Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest wall art set worth its weight in galleons. The 4,200+ kit comes with everything you need to make your House crest and display proudly.

Hogwarts Moment: Charms Class


Hogwarts Moment: Transfiguration Class


Hogwarts Moment: Herbology Class


Hogwarts Moment: Potions Class


Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests


––Karly Wood

All photos: Courtesy of LEGO



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