All Those Extra Cups of Coffee Could Help You Live Longer, Study Shows

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That morning cup of coffee can take you from a sleep-deprived mombie to functional and fun, but often times it takes two…or ten more cups to keep that feeling going all day long. It turns out that all those refills could be doing more than just helping you survive until wine bedtime, they could also be helping you live longer.

The Framingham Heart Study has been gathering information on eating patterns and cardiovascular health in over 15,000 people since the 1940s. Researchers from the University of Colorado recently analyzed the data that has been collected, using computers to look for patterns that might uncover risk factors for strokes and heart failure. One factor stood out among the rest: coffee.

Based on the analysis, researchers found that coffee was associated with a minimized risk of heart failure, stroke and coronary heart disease. Among coffee drinkers, who average anywhere from one cup to six cups of coffee per day, every eight ounce cup, up to three cups consumed, reduced the risk by 7%, 8% and 5%. While the reason for this link was not determined in the study, researchers plan to continue looking at what component of coffee is responsible for the changes.

“Ultimately, our key goals are to determine whether coffee consumption is a clinically useful part of cardiovascular disease risk assessment,” study author Laura Stevens, a doctoral student at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, told Time, “and whether changing coffee or caffeine consumption may be a way of altering that risk.”

Are you a coffee drinker? Share how many cups you average on a regular day in the comments below.

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