Amazon’s New Echo Look Is Like Having a Personal Style Assistant in Your Closet

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Forget about the not-so-purposefully messy mom bun and your well-lived-in sweats. The Amazon Echo Look wants to make you into a supermom-model. Alexa is now helping Echo users (more specifically, Echo Look users) to pick the perfect outfit, dress to impress and take a super-charged selfie. Oh, and Alexa will even help you to organize your closet too!

Forget about sifting through magazines or spending hours online just trying to get a handle of the latest fashion trends. That takes waaaaay too much time. And Amazon just isn’t having any of that. Instead of trying to figure out what new fashions to follow or how to put those random pieces of clothes you have stashed in your closet into one solid outfit, Alexa will do the heavy lifting for you.

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

According to Director of Echo Product Management at Amazon, Linda Ranz, (in a press release), “Like a trustworthy best friend, Alexa helps you nail your look every time—with Echo look, she can give advice on which of two outfits looks the nest, offer personalized recommendations on items that pair well with clothes you already own, create your personal lookbook, keep your closet organized and much more.” Whoa!

The Echo Look uses a combo of real advice from actual fashionistas and a machine learning algorithm to learn your style and give you totally personalized recommendations. You can even submit photos and use Echo Look’s Style Check feature to get a get a second opinion.

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Along with helping you to put together an outfit that rocks, the Echo look can also suggest clothing (and of course, it’s all shoppable on Amazon). As if all of this isn’t enough, with a simple, “Alexa, take a photo” the Echo Look will snap your selfie. And it uses a depth-sensing camera with built-in LED lighting to make your pic perfect.

The Echo look sells for $199.99 and is available on Amazon.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Amazon 


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