Wait until you see the McDonald’s french fry toddler Halloween costume!

There’s no doubt your little pumpkin will look adorable in any costume, but if you’re eager to flex your creative spirit this Halloween and pull out all the stops for that must-have photo op, you’ve come to the right place. From stunning and elaborate to creative and hilarious, we’ve narrowed our top picks for the cutest and most clever toddler Halloween costumes. We can almost hear the “oohhs” and “awwws” now!

Teal, Yellow and Pink Butterfly

If you’re looking for a unique, show-stopping costume, this butterfly flutters to the top of the pack. To make this exact costume you’ll need Martha Stewart paints, stencils, and plenty of cardboard. Head over to Tell Love and Party for all the details.

Cabbage Patch Doll

The beauty of this toddler Halloween costume is that you can order it! Now, will they keep the wig on long enough to hit the trick-or-treat circuit? That’s another question all together.

Circus Animal Cookie

This circus animal cookie costume hits all the right notes. It’s colorful, cozy, and completely original. Visit A Joyful Riot for all the details on how to re-create this sprinkled-covered costume. Although this tutorial was technically designed for a baby, you can easily adapt it for a toddler or big kid. Just buy bigger clothes and be prepared to cut out a few more circles—it’s that easy!

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BB-8 & Rey

Halloween costume inspo is bubbling over on Lauren Mancke’s Insta feed. The talented designer highlights a costume (or three) a day throughout October. Mom to twin girls and a son Fox, she motivates everyone to scratch that creative itch and go big this season! She also offers tons of great ideas on family costumes, like this deep sea Odessey your whole crew will love.

Pretty Peacock

It may not feel like it, but the amount of time you’ll get to dress your kids up for Halloween is finite. So why not go all out while you can? This Peacock costume is stunning and will make for the most beautiful photos. Use this image as inspiration or follow this step-by-step tutorial to create a similar look.

Carousel Horse Toddler Halloween Costume

Save those amazon boxes! This DIY costume uses the most versatile material around—cardboard. Find all the details on A Joyful Riot, including a template that will get you on your way to replicating this amazing Carousel horse for your sweet trick-or-treater.

McDonald’s French Fry Box

The cutest fast food order we’ve ever seen. Even better, the accessories you’ll need can be picked up with a quick trip through the drive-through!


Astronaut Jetpack Costume

Sure you can find an astronaut costume online, but if you want to shoot for the stars you can create your own. Check out Bravery Magazine for all the details on how to make this out-of-this-world costume.

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Treasure Chest

Ahoy, me hearties! Why not turn your biggest treasure into a pirate’s booty this Halloween? Use this costume by Wild Ink Press as inspiration to turn that cardboard box into a golden treasure chest. Even better, you can play along by dressing up as a pirate yourself. Family costume, complete!

Awesome Octopus

Sewing skills are required for this adorable octopus costume, which comes complete with soft, squishy tentacles for your little one to play with. If you’ve got the skills and some time, the final result is so worth it. Check out the project at Mermagblog.

Army Guy

Halloween only comes around once a year! So if you don’t mind going through lots of green spray paint, this costume will turn heads and make your little soldier the talk of the town. Check out the full tutorial here. 

Rainbow Wagon

Incorporating a wagon into your toddler’s costume is brilliant for so many reasons. So, when we saw this rainbow weather costume from Studio DIY, we instantly fell in love. Use the wagon as a base, toss your little cloud in, and you’re guaranteed a night of trick-or-treating that doesn’t need to end early! There are tons of options for turning it into a family weather costume, like the sun and rain you see here or even a snowflake or lightning bolt for siblings.

Baby Owl Toddler Halloween Costume

Toddler Halloween Costume
The Love Notes Blog

Whooo is the cutest child around? Yours, of course. This DIY costume takes a little time and patience, but it’s worth it to see your baby owl looking cuteand feeling comfortablein the final result. For step-by-step instructions, go to The Love Notes Blog.

Birthday Cake Costume

A birthday cake for Halloween! Yes, please. This sweeter-than-sugar costume is just what you need to flex your creative spirit and give your little one a costume they’ll never forget. A Subtle Revelry shares all the details on how to make this dreamy fit.

Tiny Toadstool

Wispy House

This teeny, tiny toadstool makes an excellent sidekick for a mini Mario Bros or a fairy princess. Wispy House has all the info on how to make this magic mushroom.


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