Also known as Iranian cuisine, Persian food is uber kid friendly with it’s slew of rice and meat dishes. From quick kabobs and saffron rice, to Persian rice cookies, this roundup of recipes will have your kids taste buds expanding before your very eyes.

Salad Shirazi

Unicorns in the Kitchen

Your kids won't spy any lettuce in this Persian salad. The cucumber and tomato-based dish from Unicorns in the Kitchen comes together quickly and packs lots of flavor from simple ingredients that make this the perfect side dish any time of the year.

Persian Rice

Dinner in the Dessert

Persian saffron rice is a staple in many dishes, and this easy 30 minute version from Dinner in the Dessert will have it on the table in no time. You'll be using a mortal and pestle to ground saffron threads in no time!

Dolmeh Felfel

I Got It From My Maman

One you eat Persian Stuffed Peppers, you may never go back. I Got It from My Maman shares a delicious recipe where you can customize your stuffing so any picky eater will be asking for seconds.

Caramelized Onion and Herb Chicken Patties


Lots of chicken and hidden spinach? This dish from LivLaughCook is a parent's dream come true. A new take on a traditional Persian frittata, these ground chicken patties mixed with caramelized onions pack the perfect amount of sweet and savory punch that kids and adults will both enjoy.

Kuku Sabzi

Savory Thoughts

Still want that OG Persian Herb Frittata recipe? Savory Thoughts has the perfect meatfree dish that focuses on herbs and is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Barbari Bread

Silk Road Recipes

This Persian flat bread from Silk Road Recipes is worth the seven-day wait it takes to get the dough ready for baking. If you've mastered your pandemic sourdough, you'll love trying your hand at this yeast-free dip-worthy bread.


Feasting at Home

Perfect for your little foodies, this Persian Walnut Pomegranate Stew from Feasting at Home is the perfect cold night comfort soup. Made with chicken, ground walnuts and lots of spices, it's served perfectly alongside that bath of Persian rice.

Kabab Tabei

The Delicious Crescent

You can skip the skewers and the grill for this easy pan kabob recipes from The Delicious Crescent. Made just on the stovetop, you can get this dinner together in a flash when you serve alongside simple veggies or rice.

Persian Almond Cardamom Pistachio Cake


Break us off a piece of this delicious pistachio cake! Spoonabilities' recipe is flourless with almond extract and cardamom to give that perfect, warming essence that even kids will enjoy.

Nan-e Berenji

Ahead of Thyme

Cute and bite-size, these Persian rice cookies with poppy seeds from Ahead of Thyme will quickly become a fave. The butter-free cookies are made with rice flour which also makes them perfect for gluten-free kiddos.

––Karly Wood



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