10 Viral Stories Our Readers Couldn’t Stop Talking about This Year

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From funny parenting tweets to unique gender reveals, 2018 has been a great year for heartwarming, adorable and completely hilarious viral stories.

Here are the viral stories that had our readers in laughter and tears—and sharing like crazy with each other online—this year.


IKEA's Free Pregnancy Test

In what can only be the greatest advertising ever created for IKEA furniture, the house of Swedish meatballs and fighting couples introduced a free pregnancy test. The IKEA pregnancy test was actually full-page magazine ad with a specially-printed strip that can detect the presence of hCG. Instead of revealing a plus or minus, however, the test results offered you a discount on IKEA's Sundvik crib.

Sara Pellissero via Twitter

This Toddler Singing DMX While Cleaning

What’s better than watching a toddler singing DMX hit “Party Up In Here” while cleaning the kitchen? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

This Little Girls’ Brilliant Swimsuit Style

Anyone who has ever tried to help a toddler shimmy out of a wet swimsuit while desperately needing to pee will appreciate these one-piece swimsuits for girls that make diaper changes and potty breaks a snap, literally. It’s really a wonder no one thought of this genius design sooner.

The Weirdest Baby Names from Last Year

Arson, Koi and Denim were just a few of the weirdest baby names of 2017. We can’t wait to see what wacky monikers came up in 2018.

Ridiculously Funny Parenting Tweets

Twitter brings out the painfully hilarious side of parenting. These funny parenting tweets are the perfect cure to a long day of moming.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Season 4 Spoilers

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood for Daniel Tiger's mom who made some big changes this year by going back to work and her new job comes with an awesome new look.

What Not to Put in Your Kid's Car Seat

One mom's eye-opening viral post on car seat safety is an important reminder that you should never add anything to your kid’s car seat.

This Funny Thing about Trader Joe's Products You'll Never Unsee

One Twitter user noticed a very interesting thing all Trader Joe's products have in common and your shopping trips will never be boring again once you discover that every single item is composed of exactly five syllables.

This Emotional Gender Reveal Video

The internet saw a lot of unique gender reveals this year, but none will make you reach for the tissue box quite like this touching gender reveal video that surprises the mom-to-be with the voice of her departed dad.

Kristin Johnston

This Mom's Taco Bell Maternity Photo Shoot

Cravings are a major part of pregnancy, so why not highlight them in a maternity photo shoot? That’s exactly what one mom-to-be did when she shot her pics at Taco Bell and the result is epic.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Aaron Mellow via Unsplash



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