Moms in the Military Can Now Breastfeed in Uniform, Thanks to Genius New Design

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Thanks to Major Kelly Bell, breastfeeding in the military just got a whole lot easier. On April 12, the Army released an official memorandum allowing for nursing mothers to wear a tan or sand-colored nursing top under their uniform and it’s a huge victory for military moms everywhere.

A mom of two, Bell made it her personal mission to gain authorization from the United States Army to add a nursing-friendly T-Shirt as a uniform option not only to make it easier for nursing and pumping but to overcome the stigma that is still associated with breastfeeding while performing military duties. The new T-shirts offers a wrapped underlayer that is covered by a panel that lifts in the front and we have to say, it’s genius.

The shirts were designed by another fellow military mom, Kenisha Heath who experienced first hand the frustrations of trying to nurse wearing a traditional Army-issued T-Shirt. So she took matters into her own hands and made a line of breastfeeding T-Shirts and sells them on her own site, Miss Military Mom.

The T-shirts currently come in both short and long-sleeved versions and in tan, sand, navy, black and white. Currently, they serve the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard branches of the military, as well as police force service men and women.

Right now, the Army is the only service branch that has officially added the nursing shirts to their uniforms. However, Bell is reaching out to the others in an effort to spread the word about the new T-shirts, but more importantly to empower our military moms and demonstrate the military’s support of them doing the best they can in their roles as mothers.

––Karly Wood

Feature Photo: Presidio of Monterey via Flickr.


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