7 Quick (But Not Dirty!) Baby Laundry Hacks

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It’s one of the most puzzling parenting questions of all time: how can a human so tiny make so much laundry? We don’t have an answer to that parenting conundrum, but we can help you plow through that mountain of teeny socks and cute-as-can-be one-pieces with this handy list of baby laundry tricks and tips.


Photo credit: Koka Sexton via Flickr.

1. Call vinegar your new best friend. Besides removing urine odors like a champ, this old standby will keep clothes feeling extra soft so you can skip the softener (with its unpronounceable list of chemicals). Bonus: vinegar won’t hamper the flame resistant coating on baby’s sleepers like some store-bought softeners will.

2. Stay ahead of the game. Don’t wait until baby is on his last outfit to tackle that pile of baby sleepers, socks and rompers. Throwing in a small load everyday will help keep you on top of the laundry mountain.

3. Keep baby fashion simple. Take a cue from the layette capsule wardrobes that are all the rage and fill (or reduce) baby’s closet to only the basics. Fewer pieces of clothing to wear equals less laundry! Plus, it will be a breeze to keep baby looking coordinated with only a few interchangeable pieces to mix and match.

baby socks

Photo credit: Beth via Flickr.

4. Keep teeny socks from going rogue with a mesh laundry bag. Simply clip it to your hamper with a close pin then toss baby socks into it throughout the week. When you’re ready to wash, zip it and throw into the machine. No more MIA socks stuck inside a pant leg or caught in the corner of a sheet. Bonus tip: swap out all those colorful socks with plain white. In case one escapes from the mesh bag, you’ll never have to search for the matching pair again.

5. Buy a bucket. Trying to do a load of laundry every time baby has a blowout isn’t always feasible. (Fact: 99 percent of blowouts happen when you are on your way out the door.) Letting stains set into baby’s clothes isn’t a great option either. Enter: the soaking bucket. Keep a bucket filled with a water and OxiClean mixture to soak stained baby clothes until its time to do your regular load. Stains will be gone and you won’t be a slave to your washing machine. Win win!


Photo credit: Sarah Joy via Flickr.

6. Soak up the sun. To get your babies laundry looking new again, all you need is a clear, sunny day. Stains that can’t be touched with traditional stain removers – we’re looking at your poo stains – will magically disappear after a few hours in the sun.

7. Bust tough potty or mealtime stains with a pre-wash treatment. Every mama we polled swears by OxiClean spray for removing tough baby stains. Want a homemade option? Two parts hydrogen peroxide and one part Dawn dish soap is a go-to for natural-minded moms. Keep the mixture in a small spray bottle and stash it in your diaper bag to have on the ready to nix messes when they happen.

What’s your secret for conquering baby laundry? Tell us in the comments.

— Suzanna Palmer