12 Tips for Surviving a Summer Pregnancy

Pregnant mamas run warm, thanks to all that extra blood flowing. So, when summer hits, you need help regulating your internal thermostat. These 12 tips will help you and your bump beat the heat.

photo: Ignacio Campo via Unsplash

1. Go swimming
A pool is a pregnant woman’s best friend. Swimming in cool water brings down your body temperature and helps regulate your internal thermostat even when you’re back on land. The weightlessness also helps with sciatic pain or other aches you may be experiencing due to extra pressure on your back and feet.

2. Lay off the salt
Reducing your sodium intake is an easy way to ease inflammation and swelling during summer months. Instead of salting your food, add more flavor with herbs, spices and citrus. But don’t eliminate salt completely from your diet; iodine is essential for your baby’s health.

Cucumber Lime Drink
photo: Song of Style

3. Stay hydrated
Water intake helps with everything from aiding digestion to battling fatigue and joint pain. If plain water isn’t your thing, add citrus slices, watermelon or mint. Experts say water infused with cucumber or lemon may even help with swelling. For more flavored-water inspiration, check out these recipes from Song of Style: cucumber-lime, blueberry-clementine, strawberry-mint and lemon-pineapple.

4. Take a nap
Making sure you get enough sleep when pregnant is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially when the summer heat drains your energy. If you’re having any trouble sleeping (you know, because of that basketball-sized baby somersaulting inside of you), snuggle up to a body pillow.

5. Remove those rings
Most women experience some swelling during pregnancy, and summer heat can make it worse. To avoid finding your rings stuck on your finger and (gasp!) having to cut them off, take them off while you still can. Wear them around your neck if you’d still like to keep them on you.


photo: Personal Creations

6. Catch a movie
Tired of cranking (and paying for) the AC at home? Kick up your feet in a cool, 74-degree movie theater. Watch them while you can. Once baby is old enough, you’ll mainly be watching animated flicks.

7. Pick the right shoe
Flip-flops may seem like the shoe of choice during summer, but when you’re pregnant, your arches need extra support. Skip the flips for sandals or sneakers with plenty of cushioning and arch support.


photo: Eat Live Run

8. Drink a smoothie
How can you be sure you (and baby) are getting the right nutrients when it’s too hot for a big meal? Smoothies! They’re nutritious, tasty, easy to prepare, and the chilly liquid is perfect on a warm day. Try this banana-peanut butter smoothie from Eat Live Run, and read our article on 12 Healthy Pregnancy Smoothies That’ll Keep You Cool.

9. Get up earlier
The heat is always most intense mid day, so getting up early gives you more cooler hours to run errands or work out. Save those hot midday hours for a nice nap in the AC or in front of a fan.


Hatch Collection
 photo: Hatch Collection

10. Wear lightweight, breathable clothing
Dressing the bump isn’t always easy, especially when you want to stay cool and still look stylish. Opt for light-colored, lightweight clothing in breathable fabrics. Brands like Hatch Collection have great summer pieces that even your non-pregnant friends will want to borrow!

11. Use a higher SPF
Did you know pregnant skin is more prone to burning and blotching? That’s why it’s more important than ever to load up on your SPF and try to avoid being out too long in direct sunlight.

12. Put your feet up
Take a load off! Summer heat plus pregnancy often equals swollen feet. Instead of counting the days until autumn, elevate those feet. Buy an inflatable footstool to tuck under a desk at work, and claim your choice of comfy seating at home.

What are your tips for surviving pregnancy in the heat? We’d love to hear them!

Aimee Della Bitta


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