Dads have the magic touch. They turn roughhousing into an art form, have an unending arsenal of silly faces and can make tears dry with a single smooch. Chicago is full of cool dads and we want you to meet a few. Get to know a trend-setting store owner, longtime improv actor, restaurant and bar tastemaker, baby-business entrepreneur and other fellows that do their families — and Chicago — proud.

Tom Brown

Tom Brown, a real estate broker and developer, lives with his wife, Amy, and two daughters (Chloe, 4; and Mica, 2) in Ravenswood. He's made a happy family nest and through his business helps others do the same. His company, School Sparrow, assists parents with conducting a combined home and school search, so they can pinpoint desired properties near high-performing Chicago Public Schools. While his job propels him to get out and about, researching neighborhoods and doing buyer tours, Tom likes to spend his free time at home, especially at the dinner table with his family. "Amy is a wonderful cook and it's always a treat to sit down and enjoy a long, fun meal with the kids," says Tom.

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— Story by Kelly Aiglon

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