Costco’s Killer Return Policy Might Just Rock Your World

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photo: Mike Mozart via Flickr

Have you ever bought something at Costco that you never used? Do you still have it lurking somewhere, maybe in a junk drawer or a closet? Well, now’s the time to pull it out, because we’re here to tell you that Costco will take it back.

Turns out, the massive warehouse store isn’t just awesome because it’s the only place where you can buy a two gallon jug of massage oil, a chicken coop and a stuffed Teddy bear bigger than a large man, all in one shopping trip; it’s also amazing because it’s got a return policy that’ll let you bring back the aforementioned oil, coop and bear, no questions asked. Anytime.

That’s right. Costco’s Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee lets you pretty much return anything to get your money back. You don’t even need to bring a receipt, Costco reps say, since the store keeps a record of all members’ purchases.

Want to return a couch you bought last year? Bring it in. Want to bring back a raincoat your kid outgrew two seasons ago ? No problem. Heck, you can even return your one-year Costco membership provided you do so within the one year (meaning, Day 364 is as good a time as any!).

In fact, the only thing that has to be returned in a given amount of time is electronics, which have a 90-day return policy. Also, cigarettes and alcohol cannot be returned at all.

Still, the website Rather Be Shopping called the return policy “so darn good that it deserves it’s own article.” And, obviously, we agree.

Have you ever returned something to Costco a year later? Tell us about it in the comments below.