As soon as kids can reach a faucet, it seems they are drawn to splashing around in the water—much to the chagrin of your kitchen floor. Turn your little bit’s intrigue into intellect with these simple water-based science experiments for kids that you can do at home


How Plants Absorb Water

What you need: Cabbage leaves, water, food coloring, jars or glasses.

How to: Add water and food coloring (about 10 drops or until vibrant) to each jar. Add a cabbage leaf to each jar/glass and let sit overnight. Ooh and ahh at the bright, colorful leaves in the morning.

How it works: While a majority of water absorption in plants happens through the roots, plants are also able to suck up water through stems and leaves.

photo: Laura Hamilton via Flickr

Have you tried any cool water science experiments with your kids?

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady



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