H2Oh! 7 Easy Science Experiments That Use Water

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As soon as kids can reach a faucet, it seems they are drawn to splashing around in the water—much to the chagrin of your kitchen floor. Turn your little bit’s intrigue into intellect with these simple water-based science experiments for kids that you can do at home


Skittles Rainbow

What you need: Skittles, warm water, plate, cup.

How to: Talk about tasting the rainbow! Start by having your kid place the candy in a circle around the perimeter of a round plate. Pour a little water into the center of the plate until it touches the Skittles. Watch as the color starts to melt off of the candy to create the coolest rainbow effect.

How it works: Edible dye makes up the vividly colored outer shell of a skittle. When exposed to heat, the dye begins to melt off (ever take a Skittle out of your mouth after you've sucked all of the color off of it?).

photo: Crafty Morning

Have you tried any cool water science experiments with your kids?

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady



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