As soon as kids can reach a faucet, it seems they are drawn to splashing around in the water—much to the chagrin of your kitchen floor. Turn your little bit’s intrigue into intellect with these simple water-based science experiments for kids that you can do at home


Blubber Experiment

photo: Tippytoe Crafts

What you need: Vegetable oil, ice water.

How to: Fill a bowl with ice water. Fill two ziploc baggies with oil and seal shut. Put both of those bags into another ziploc bag. Put the oil bag into the ice water, and put one hand in between the oil baggies like a glove. Then put the other hand directly into the ice water. Which one feels warmer? Colder?

How it works: Blubber is the fat that keeps animals warm in cold air and water. This experiment gives kids a first hand (literally) experience of what it's like to be a cold climate animal.

Have you tried any cool water experiments with your kids? Tell us how they went in the comments below. 

Have you tried any cool water science experiments with your kids?

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady



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