21 Totally Cool Things You Can Make Out of Egg Cartons

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With Easter just around the corner, chances are you’ll soon have some extra egg cartons on your hands. Put them to good use with these simple egg carton crafts for kids of all ages, that extend far beyond Easter. From dump trucks to colorful chicks, these easy crafts for kids are definitely a must this spring.

Jellyfish Puppets

Create whimsical jellyfish puppets when you use this adorable design from The Art Kit. Egg cartons, paint, yarn and googly eyes are pretty much all you need to create these under the sea creatures!

Ocean Craft

Let your kids learn their imagination is as deep as the ocean with this fun egg carton ocean craft. Use the container as a vignette, where little ones can paint with colors of the sea, then fill with ocean creatures and plants. You can find more about this craft at The Imagination Tree.

Egg Carton Pot

This craft uses a different part of the egg carton––the pointy part that touches the lid. All you have to do is cut out that piece, fill with soil and then top with an adorable and tiny succulent. Attach string and hang for your very own hanging planter. You can find all the details at Journey Into Creativity.

Flower Stamps

Let your little Picasso get creative by making egg carton flower prints! This craft from Meaningful Mama is simply fun and perfect for some Spring crafting. Put these works of art in a frame, or get the kids making some cards for grandparents––you can't go wrong!

Dancing Fish

A perfect craft for big kids, these Dancing Fish from Brainy Beginnings Network involves painting and a little sewing. Once assembled, make these gorgeous fish dance or hang them up as a super cute decoration.

Lovely Ladybugs

Turn your old egg cartons into adorable ladybugs with this tutorial from One Little Project. Gather up pipe cleaners, pom poms and googly eyes and get crafting. Grab the instructions by clicking here.

Flower Bouquet Picture

Crafty kids will love making this flower bouquet canvas from Mod Podge Rocks. With brightly colored paint, a little glue and a layer of sparkly Mod Podge, it’ll come together in an afternoon. To get all the details, click here.

Tweet-Worthy Chicks

These cute chicks from Typically Simple can double as an Easter project—and they’re a super fun way to make use of egg cartons. They’re also easy to make with items you probably have on hand. Click here to get the details.

Toy Camera

Thanks to Let's Do Something Crafty, your kids can snap the perfect pretend photo. Though this craft may need a bit more grown-up involvement, the kids can definitely help out with painting, braiding the camera strap or arranging the different elements of the "camera." Click here to get the instructions.

Sea Creatures

Create an entire underwater world with just four supplies. You’ve got the egg cartons; find out what else you’ll need at Fantastic Fun and Learning. One down, three to go!

Easter Checkers

Yes, this adorable checkerboard will take a few afternoons to complete, but it will be worth the effort when you see how much fun your kids have playing with it year after year. We love the bright, fresh colors and the basic supply list. Visit DIY guru Tonya Staab at Create-Celebrate-Explore and see how to make your own.


Using egg cartons as building blocks? Pure genius. Once you’ve cut up your stash, have the kids paint it all in bright hues. After that, the possibilities are endless. Take a peek at the great tutorial from The Pinterested Parent right here.


These little guys are more cute than creepy and use up plenty of cartons. Parents, you'll probably have to handle the task of arranging the pipe cleaner legs just right. Get the how-to over at Pink Stripey Socks.

Flower Crown

It’s definitely a project that requires help, but she’ll be the Queen of Spring if you decide to tackle this cool flower crown. You can handle the glue gun, she can design her own flowers. Find out how it’s done over at Hello Wonderful.

Brown Owl

Who-who-who's up for transforming an egg carton into a feathered friend? This clever craft from Art and Soul Preschool is super easy. If you have a decently stocked craft drawer you likely have the googly eyes, feathers and paint ready to go. To get the instructions, click here.

Window Mobile

The ceiling's the limit with this ultra-pretty mobile from Buzzmills. This easy-breezy creation uses watercolors to create hanging flowers out of egg carton cups. The result is something worthy of a fancy window display—or maybe even a relaxing nursery. Click here to find out how it's made.

DIY Disguise

This mask craft from Teaching Every Day is great fun for a masquerade dress-up bash. You only need a few supplies, and it's easy enough for younger crafters to do the majority of the steps. Customize with the kids' favorite colors or add feathers for additional panache. Click here to get the details.

Petite Penguins

How cute are these penguins from Green Owl Art? They're just the right size for little hands and don't require a lot of materials or time. Couple the activity with a viewing of Happy Feet, and you've got one egg-cellent afternoon. Get the instructions by clicking here.

Crafty Crocodile

Here's a smile, crocodile! This green grinner from My Kid Craft is a lot of toothy fun. Best part? It requires three egg cartons to make—ideal for using up a big supply. Get the whole tutorial here.

Star Wars-worthy Space Ship

In a galaxy far, far away, there's surely a Wookie who'd love to travel in this egg carton spaceship. A perfect transport for action figures, LEGO adventures and more, this ship is fueled by imagination, plus it's an easy collaborative creation for parents and kids. Thanks to The Weisse Guys for the idea; click here to learn more.

Spring Robin Candy Box

These adorable little robins are made from recycled egg cartons, and as a bonus, they have a little treat inside! Not only are they filled with your favorite candy, but they're also super easy to make. Check out the step by step tutorial from Almost Unschoolers here.


—Gabby Cullen, Abigail Matsumoto & Karly Wood



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