This Might Be the Easiest Way to Shop for Kids Shoes, Ever

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Shoe shopping for kids isn’t always a picnic, for them or for you. And even with all the great options online for kids’ shoes, trying to figure out the right size from brand to brand can be tricky. (One brand’s 11 toddler is another brands’ 9.5.) In fact, one study showed that only one in three kids actually has the right size shoe. And with those little feet growing so quick, it can be hard to keep up. Recently, the app Jenzy revamped their online site. We tried it and here’s why you should too. (Plus, read on for am exclusive discount for Red Tri readers.)

photo: See Kai Run via Jenzy 

There are two ways to shop for shoes through Jenzy, a handy app and directly on Both are easy and super fast. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Create an Account

Download the Jenzy app or go right to their desktop site and set up a profile for your kiddo. Enter your email to set up the account (for the desktop site you’ll receive an access code. Ours came instantly). You can enter their name, gender, age and even choose an icon (we chose the blue robot).

photo: Jenzy 

Step 2: Determine Your Kid’s Size, No Tape Measure Needed

If you are using the website:

Take a 1-minute quiz to figure out the right size and style for your kiddo. You don’t even need a tape measure.

All you need to know is the size and brand of a shoe that fits your kid or that they’re growing out of. Jenzy actually allows you to put in a size and brand and then rate it “too small” “room to grow” etc.

If you are using the app: determine your kiddos’ shoe size by snapping a photo of your kiddo’s foot! All you need is a card like a Costco card to snap a photo of your child’s foot next to it, which you then upload to the app.

Step 3: Shop!

Jenzy has a curated list of mom-approved shoes, so you won’t be overwhelmed by choices but you will be excited by the many reasonably priced, vetted, high-quality options. Brands include See Kai Run, Nike, Crocs, Saucony and more. You’ll also find seasonal shoes like sandals and rainboots.

Shop by style and color (you can filter by age, gender/neutral). Jenzy determines the size for your kiddo based on their profile. You can shop by age range as well, including Crawler, First Walker, Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid.

The entire process, including decision making, took less than 20 minutes. One of the pairs of shoes we’d picked out was not available in our kiddo’s size, but we received a prompt notification from Jenzy with a code to do a swap. For this reason, we suggest having a back-up pair picked out just in case.

Overall, we were absolutely delighted with the ease of both the app and the website (with the website seeming a little easier).Jenzy carries shoes for infants to about 8 years old. This is generally a child size 6-12 months to a size 3 youth. 

Check them out at

Psst: Red Tri readers can get an exclusive discount off your first pair of shoes on Jenzy, use the code RED35 for 35% off! 

—Amber Guetebier

featured image: See Kai Run 


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