Joanna Gaines Shares Her Secret to Getting Kids to Share Their Rooms

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Joanna Gaines: she’s a designer, star of the beloved Fixer Upper, author, TV mogul—and a mama to many—five kids, to be exact. And that means she has some pretty serious cred when it comes to parenting. Joanna Gaines’ secret for getting her kiddos to share a room is a prime example of this.

In a recent interview with Country Living, Gaines shared how she uses her spot-on design sense and oodles of expertise to make the whole shared bedroom thing work.

Her top tips focus on letting each kid have their own space within the shared space. Specifically, Gaines recommendations include:

Starting with a neutral palette to allow the kiddos to add accent pieces they love.

Making a space for each kid to display their own toys or display nick-nacks.

Letting the kids accessorize in ways that express their personality.


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Naturally, she’s also big on storage (which is both functional and stylish). But what’s the biggest takeaway, according to Gaines? Letting go. “I’ve gotten so much more laid back about kids’ rooms in general because, to me, that’s the space where they want to feel the most creative and the most known,” Joanna says.

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