Doesn’t it seem like you’re always buying clothes for your kids? Before every new season and after every growth spurt, you think, “Here we go again.” But what if you could shop from home and help those in need at the same time? Here are six kids clothing websites that let you do just that—it’s an amazing way to teach your little ones about the importance of giving back. For every item you buy, the company will donate to charity or give the same item you buy to a child in need. Spending money has never felt so good.

Baby Teresa

What They Do
Just based on the company’s name, Baby Teresa (inspired by Mother Teresa), you can tell this site is serious about giving back. But Baby Teresa is also serious about offering insanely adorable baby clothing and accessories. Made out of 100% organic cotton, the onesies, hats, and blankies are super cuddly and soft on baby’s delicate skin.

How They Give Back
Baby Teresa’s slogan is “Buy Once, Give Twice,” and they mean it. For every onesie or baby outfit you buy, Baby Teresa will donate another one to a child in need. So far, Baby Teresa has made donations to more than 20 countries, including Peru, Vietnam, Uganda, and Egypt.

Co-founders Sammie Appleyard and Kirsty Dunphey, who started Baby Teresa in 2009, say that their ultimate aim is to clothe at least one baby in need in every country in the world. With all of our help, it can happen.

What’s your experience with online clothing sites that give back?

— Alice Perry

(Photos courtesy of Baby Teresa, Everything Happy Photo courtesy of Justin Hill, Out of Print, Polkadot What, Tea Collection, Greg Hinsdale for VeryMeri.) 

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